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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Iron Butterfly - Ball (1969 us, great 3rd album, 2006 japan SHM remastered)

During the progressive music revolution in the late 60s, one of the most surprising successes was that of Iron Butterfly. The band was formed by Doug Ingle, who added Ron Bushy, Lee Dorman and briefly, Danny Weiss. Together, they were arguably the first to amalgamate the terms 'heavy' and 'rock', following the release of their debut album called "Heavy" in 1968.

Later that same year, Weis left the band and guitarist Erik Braunn stepped in. When Iron Butterfly relocated from San Diego to Los Angeles, the band started to gain a live following and soon was gigging with the likes of The Doors and Jefferson Airplane.

Ball, - which surpassed "Vida", was less of a success, despite being a better collection of songs, notably the invigorating 'It Must Be Love' and the more subtle 'Soul Experience',  turning "Gold" record, climbed to No. 1 and remained on the charts for 44 weeks.

1. In the Time of Our Lives (Ingle, Bushy) - 4:46
2. Soul Experience (Ingle, Bushy, Brann, Dorman) - 2:50
3. Lonely Boy (Ingle) - 5:05
4. Real Fright  (Ingle, Bushy, Brann) - 2:40
5. In the Crowds (Ingle, Dorman) - 2:12
6. It Must Be Love (Ingle) - 4:23
7. Her Favorite Style  (Ingle) - 3:11
8. Filled With Fear (Ingle) - 3:23
9. Belda-Beast  (Brann) - 5:46

Iron Butterfly
* Doug Ingle - Organs, Lead Vocals
* Erik Brann - Lead Guitar, Vocals
* Lee Dorman - Bass, Vocals
* Ron Bushy - Drums

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