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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Various Artists - Peter Green Song Book, A Tribute To His Work (2000, classic blues rock, double disc edition)

In the almost thirty years since Peter Green first formed Fleetwood Mac, a lot of styles of Music and musicians have come anyone. Yet his talent, both as a guitarist and a songwriter, is such that the participants in these recordings (nearly one hundred singers and players) are drawn from a wide variety of musical backgrounds. His songs were, and remain, immense - intensely personal and widely appealing at the same time.

To have seen him play live was an experience, Rod Price, guitarist with Foghat who plays on three of the project’s tracks (“Love That Burns”, “lf You Be My Baby” and “Baby When The Sun Goes Down*), puts it’s simply yet eloquently. "The first time I saw Peter Green play I had no words for what I had heard. The  power and clarity of that evening has stayed with me through the years. The man was one with the music we know as blues - pure, raw emotion.

I heard the music but, more importantly, I felt his soul." Strong stuff – but it’s not necessary to have seen him live to have been touched by him, bassist Billy Sheehan, mainstay of Mr. Big, has been fan of Peter Green’s for many years and used to perform “Oh Well” with his first band Talas. Here he takes the same track and brings it to 1995 with passion, his feelings? Similarly, guitarist Innes Sibun, curently embarking on a solo career after permong with Robert Plant, never saw Peter Green live, but as a guitarist he didn’t have to.

Peter Green Songbook – a tribute to his work was modeled on the classic Fleetwood Mac in Chicago, completing the circle that started in 1969. All of the Musicians in this project virtually donated their time and talents just to be included, and as a label we wanted to contribute something other than merely manufacturing the CD’s. We decided that it would be most fitting to give something back to the music, therefore a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this double disc will be donated to Willie Dixon’s Blues Heaven Foundation.

The Foundation provides health benefits to Blues Artists in need, contract negotiation and royalty recovery assistance, and administers numerous educational programs for the purpose of accumulating proper recognition for the Art of Blues. We felt that this Foundation would be especially appropriate, considering that when Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac went to Chicago in 1969, the person they sat down with to select the musicians from Chicago, was Willie Dixon.

So it is with this sense of completeness and a feeling of a great pride that we present the Peter Green Songbook - a tribute to his work.
by Jim Kizlowski 

Disc - 1
1. Larry McCray / Noel Neal / Steve McCray / Tony Z - Black Magic Woman - 3:59
2. Luther Grosvenor / Jess Roden / Dave Moore / Mike Kellie / Ariel Bender / Steve Dolan / Pete Brown - Crying Won't Bring You Back - 5:17
3. Ian Anderson / Andy Giddings / John McKenzie / Pete Brown - Man Of The World - 2:57
4. Snowy White / "Rabbit" Bundrick / Kuma Harada / Jeff Allen - Looking For Somebody - 7:17
5. Dave Peverett / Rod Price / Southside Johnny / Tommy Mandel / Harvey Brooks / Mo Potts / Arno Hecht / Crispin Cioe / Bob Funk / Larry Etkin Baby - When The Sun Goes Down - 4:51
6. Rory Gallagher, John Cook, Rich Newman, Spoon - Leaving Town Blues - 6:50
7. Vince Converse / Innes Sibun / Steve Robinson / Gerry Soffe / John Baggott / "Little Joe" Frenchwood - Rattlesnake Shake - 5:30
8. Harvey Mandel, Jon Paris, Wilbur Bascomb, Damon Duewhite - Ramblin' Pony - 5:21
9. Arthur Brown / Dick Heckstall-Smith / Randall Ward / Mark Williams / Gary Scucz / Jeff Danford / Pete Brown - The Green Manalishi - 5:08
10.Luther Grosvenor / Jess Roden / Dave Moore / Steve Dolan / Mike Kellie - Merry Go Round - 4:40
11.Dave Peverett / Rod Price / Southside Johnny / Tommy Mandel / Harvey Brooks / Mo Potts / Arno Hecht / Crispin Cioe / Bob Funk / Larry Etkin - Love That Burns - 6:14
12.Kim Simmonds / Pete McMahon / Jim Heyl / Dave Olson - Stop Messin' 'Round - 3:09
13.Harvey Mandel, Jon Paris, Wilbur Bascomb, Damon Duewhite - Long Grey Mare - 4:52
14.Rory Gallagher, John Cook, Rich Newman, Spoon - Showbiz Blues - 6:53
15.Clas Yngstrom / Ulf Ivarsson / Christer Bjorklund / Frank Marstokk - The Supernatural - 3:19

Disc- 2
1. Billy Sheehan / Roy Z / Greg Bissonette / Tommy Mandel / Doug van Booven - Oh Well - 7:31
2. Larry Mitchell / Jay Aston / Wilbur Bascomb / Jonathan Mover - I Loved Another Woman - 4:57
3. Zoot Money / Bobby Tench / Max Middleton / John McKenzie / Jeff Allen - Whatcha Gonna Do - 4:01
4. Paul Jones / Bobby Tench / Max Middleton / John McKenzie / Bob Jenkins / Pete Brown - Albatros - 4:41
5. Jennifer Ferguson / Scott Smith / Mike Davis / Damon Duewhite - Closing My Eyes - 4:58
6. Ray Gomez / Troy Turner / Bobby Chouinard / "Even" Steven Levee - Lazy Poker Blues - 2:50
7. Ray Gomez / Pete McMahon / Bobby Chouinard / "Even" Steven Levee - Evil Woman Blues - 2:05
8. Stu Hamm / Larry Mitchell / Jonathan Mover - Fleetwod Mac - 2:56
9. Mick Abrahams / Dave Lennox / Jim Leverton / Graham Walker - The Same Way - 3:47
10.Wilbur Bascomb / Damon Duewhite / Jon Paris / Pete Brown - Watch Out - 4:31
11.Kim Lembo / Mark Doyle / Cathy Lamanna / Mike Doyle - A Fool No More - 4:03
12.Ken Hensley - Hellhound On My Trail - 3:15
13.Top Topham / Jim McCarty / Andy Cleveland - Drifting - 6:12
14.Dave Peverett / Rod Price / Southside Johnny / Mo Potts / Harvey Brooks - If You Be My Baby - 4:32

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