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Thursday, December 29, 2022

David - David (1968 canada, pleasant sunny beat, 2001 release)

David began in 1963 when guitarist Fran Webster joined four other musicians in Colllingwood, Ontario, Canada and formed "The Marcatos", playing a unique combination of music which included rhythm and blues, Beatles, Tijuana brass, and top 40. The group matured and changed personnel by the time they recorded their first 45 "Let Me Love You, Baby" and "I Really Think A Lot Of You". The Marcatos hired Fran's brother John in 1964 and in January 1966 they moved to Toronto. At that time, bassist Bill Szekeres, trumpet player Ted Grimes, drummer Tony Lecaillon, trombone/keyboard player Cliff Snyder, and singer Debbie Kelly all joined the band. Their live appearances were drawing record breaking crowds during their southern Ontario bar circuit by 1967. 

In 1968, they recorded the "David" album at Sound Canada Studios and the LP received significant airplay on Canada's largest FM station "Chum FM". It was at this time the band had started negotiations with the manager of The Kinks, but the pressures of the time were tremendous and the group disbanded shortly thereafter. Debbie Kelly lives with her family in Houston, Texas and still loves to sing. Teddy Grimes, after many recordings of his own compositions, died of a heart attack in 1995, a truly brilliant Classical trumpet player and singer. Tony Lecaillon lives in Mississauga, Ontario with wife and 2 children, where he runs his own computer business and still plays jazzy music with his V drums. 

Bill Szekeres lives in Bradford. Ontario with his wife and 5 children where he teaches European History at the University of Waterloo. Cliff has published 3 books and still plays keyboard and trombone incredibly well. John Webster, Master guitarist, trumpet player, banjo picker and bass player died of cancer in 1996. Fran Webster lives in Creemore, Ontario with his wife and 2 children where he sells Real Estate. He and his wife still play in a band with Cliff.
Liner-Notes, January 2001

1. Little Boys (Ted Grimes) - 1:57
2. Lovely Lady (Ted Grimes) - 3:30
3. Never Been In Love (Francis Webster) - 3:31
4. Cup Of Tea (Francis Webster) - 2:14
5. Hey Jude (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 4:31
6. Flight Of The Egyptian Army (Ted Grimes) - 2:43
7. Because I'm Black (Ted Grimes) - 2:44
8. Descension (Ted Grimes) - 3:51
9. House Of The Rising Sun (Traditional) - 3:42
10.Ashtray, Alvin J (Cliff Snyder) - 3:10
11.Take My Hand (Ted Grimes) - 3:50

*Francis H. Webster -Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Chimes
*Tony Lecaillon - Drums, Percussion
*John Webster - Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet
*Cliff Snyder - Trombone, Piano, Organ
*Bill Szekeres - Vocals, Bass
*Deborah Kelly - Vocals
*Ted Grimes - Vocals, Trumpet, Piano, Electric Piano

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