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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Earth Quake ‎– Leveled (1977 us, high energy hard 'n' roll, Vinyl issue)

Earthquake's 5th effort "Leveled' is one of their best, this record features some nice originals ("Lovin' Cup" and especially, "Upstairs") and a solid version of Mann & Weil's "Kicks." 

1. Lovin' Up (K. Laguna, Earth Quake) - 2:53
2. Emma (Er. Brown, T. Wilson) - 4:10
3. Kicks (B. Mann, C. Weil) - 3:46
4. Trainride (J. Doukas, R. Dunbar, R. Bimler) - 5:58
5. Nothing Personal (J. Doukas, R. Dunbar, R. Bimler) - 3:36
6. Street Fever (G. Phillips, R. Bimler) - 4:14
7. Julie Anne (S. Miller, K. Laguna) - 2:59
8. Upstairs (J. Doukas, R. Dunbar) - 4:07

Eart Quake
*John Doukas - Lead Vocals
*Robbie Dunbar - Guitar, Vocals
*Stan Miller - Bass, Vocals
*Steve Nelson - Drums
*Gary Phillips - Guitar, Vocals

1976  Earth Quake - 8.5

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Earth Quake - 8.5 (1976 us, utter power rock, Vinyl edition)

Earth Quake started out as part of the mid-'60s band scene in San Francisco, where - originally known as Purple Earthquake -- they were more than a little bit unusual. 

Having recorded a pair of early-1970s albums for A&M, 1976's Kaufman and Glen Kolotkin produced "8.5" was the group's sophomore release for Beserkley.  The album gets off to a roaring start with the heavy metal 'Finders Keepers'. 

Powered by Doukas voice, most of the up tempo tracks are actually pretty good. "8.5" is not a bad record and the single "Hit the Floor" would have sounded good on the radio, if only it had been given a chance. Also, the Dennis Linde cover is quite nice.

1. Finders Keepers (Johnson, Bowen) - 3:59
2. Little Cindy (Gary Phillips) - 3:15
3. And He Likes To Hurt You (D. Linde) - 3:45
4. Savin' My Love (Robbie Dunbar, John Doukas, Gary Phillips) - 7:11
5. Girl Named Jesse James (Robbie Dunbar, John Doukas) - 2:59
6. Motivate Me (Robbie Dunbar, John Doukas, Gary Phillips, Bimier) - 3:09
7. Hit the Floor (Robbie Dunbar, John Doukas, Stan Miller) - 3:47
8. Same Old Story (Robbie Dunbar, John Doukas) - 4:45
9. Don't Want To Go Back (Robbie Dunbar, John Doukas, Gary Phillips) - 3:31

Earth Quake
*John Doukas - Lead Vocals
*Robbie Dunbar - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
*Stan Miller - Bass, Vocals
*Steve Nelson - Percussion, Vocals
*Gary Phillips - Guitar, Vocals, Lead Vocals

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