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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Footch Kapoot - Good Clean Fun (1977 us, exceptional progressive rock with jazz blues and post psych touches)

It's tough sometimes to write about forgotten records. You find them, you love, but there is so little info out there about them that you always feel you may not be speaking with authority about the music therein Footch Kapoot is a case in point. So in lieu of hard facts I am going to make up my own back-story.

Footch Kapoot are six people who really dig challenging progressive music, like Beefheart, King Crimson, and Gentle Giant, but have a soft spot for the pop structure as well. They are all excellent musicians with day jobs, and judging from the name of the band and they cover art they are nerds with no care or worry for commercial success.

When this came out in 1978, the cold cruel world probably scratched its head and moved on. I wish I would have been there to tell them how cool I thought it was.
by Greg Trout

1. Don's Mom's Green Boiled Ham (M. Hecker, M. Haupt, R. Last) - 7:46
2. One Day At A Time (Sue Kwiatowski) - 2:53
3. Sleepy Time Day (R. Last, M. Haupt) - 4:28
4. Das Is Wonderful (Ray Last) - 8:32
5. Tall Tale (R. Abell, T. Turner) - 4:18
6. Thee Andes Tune (R. Last) - 8:28
7. Theme From The Pet Dome (M. Hecker, R. Last) - 2:25
8. Versality (R. Last) - 5:26
9. Dreamburst (S. Kwiatowski, M. Hecker) - 9:00

Footch Kapoot
*Paul J. Schneider - Glass Drums
*Ray Last - Electric Guitar, Alto Sax, Flute, Bells, Vocals
*Mike Haupt (Dirty Michael) - Clarinet, Precussion
*Roob (Moon) Abell - Moon Bass, Vocals
*Mark (Blind Lip) Hecker - Electic, Acoustic, Slide Guitars, Blues Harp, Vocals
*Sue Kwiatowski - Piano, Vocals

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