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Friday, April 29, 2016

Barbara 'Sandy' Robison With The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Barbara (1966-70 us, gorgeous emotional psych jazzy folk rock with heavenly vocals, 2014 release)

This is a collection of recordings featuring Barbara (Sandy) Robison during the time she was a member of the Peanut Butter Conspiracy. On various recordings not all of the other members were included. Some of the songs were recorded for other projects but involved Barbara as vocalist and some were written during the time the group was recording but were not included on a Peanut Butter Conspiracy album. They did, however, feature her wonderful voice and for that reason, even more than it being the Peanut Butter Conspiracy, it makes this a very collectible collection to their fans that love to hear her sing.

"I put a lot into this 'work of love' release featuring Barbara", states Alan Brackett, "because I knew that there were people out there that would love to hear her sing more songs than what are already released on PBC records. She was blessed with a warm, natural and beautiful voice and I feel these recordings should be shared with her fans.

"Roses Gone" was recorded by The Ashes in 1966. This is the group that Barbara, John and Alan were in prior to the Peanut Butter Conspiracy along with Jim Chernis and Spencer Dryden, later to be the drummer with the Jefferson Airplane.

"Get Out Of My Dreams", "I Miss You", "It Comes And Goes With The Wind" "Foolhearted Woman" and "Love Came So Easy" were songs written by Alan and recorded between 1967 and 1970 but never released. PBC vocal harmonies can be recognized in all of these except "I Miss You", which Barbara sang solo.

"Shuffle Tune" was recorded during a vocal rehearsal at Alan's house on a Teac A1200 in 1968 with Barbara, John and Alan playing and singing live "Return Home" and "Good Feelest" were recorded in 1969 and ended up on the PBC Ip, "For Children Of All Ages". "Step Aside (You're Crushing All The Flowers)" was recorded by PBC in 1969 for the movie "2000 Years Later"

"True Believers" was recorded in 1969 by the PBC using the name  The Windows for the Hell's Angels movie, "Run Angel Run" It features Barbara with an overdubbed harmony sung by her on the last verse.

"Come A Little Closer" is a song written by David Bennett.  Alan produced the recording and David's brother, Steve, sang the 'echo' lines to Barbara's vocal.
CD Liner-Notes

Barbara (Sandy) Robison is at last featured on every song in this Peanut Butter Conspiracy release. The recordings date from 1966 through 1970. Five of them have never been previously released, two are from rare movie soundtracks, and five are hand-picked from previous PBC releases. There has always been consensus from their fans that Barbara possessed the most beautiful voice of the 1960's rock and roll era. This release is for those who have always wanted and now can hear more of her warm, soulful voice.

On April 6, 1988, Robison was performing in Butte, Montana. During her concert, she fell ill and was transported to a hospital in Billings, Montana. Robison did not recover, and died on April 22, 1988 from toxic shock poisoning at the age of 42.

1. Roses Gone (John Merrill) - 2:48
2. Get Out Of My Dreams (Alan Brackett) - 3:33
3. Shuffle Tune (Alan Brackett) - 2.14
4. Return Home (Alan Brackett) - 3:38
5. Step Aside (You're Crushing All The Flowers) (Stu Phillips, Neil Sedaka) - 3:02
6. I Miss You (Alan Brackett) - 3:13
7. Good Feelin' (Alan Brackett, John Merrill) - 2:49
8. It Comes And Goes With The Wind (Alan Brackett) - 2:06
9. True Believers (Alan Brackett, John Merrill, Stu Phillips) - 2:21
10.Foolhearted Woman (Alan Brackett) - 3:12
11.Love Came So Easy (Alan Brackett) - 2:10
12.Come A Little Closer (David Bennett) - 2:16

*Barbara "Sandy" Robison – Lead Vocals, Percussion
*Alan Brackett – Bass Guitar
*Lance Fent -Lead Guitar
*John Merrill – Rhythm Guitar
*Bill Wolff - Guitar
*Jim Voigt - Drums
*Ralph Schuckett - Organ, Piano
*Michael Ney - Drums

1965-71  Ashes - Ashes
1967-68  The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Living Dream
1969  Peanut Butter Conspiracy - For Children Of All Ages (2008 bonus tracks remaster)

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