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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Glad - Feelin' Glad (1968 us, magnificent groovy sunny psych, with Timothy B. Schmit from Eagles fame, 2010 Picar edition)

Essentially, Redwing, Glad, and the New Breed are all the same band...sort of.  As the band evolved and their styles changed, so did their name.

Actually, the story begins in Sacramento, CA in 1962 when Timothy (B.) Schmit, Ron Floegel, and Tom Phillips played together in a folk trio, appropriately named Tim Tom & Ron.  In 1963, as high school sophomores at Encina High, the band added drummer George Hullin and switched to surf music.  With this new change in direction and new member, Tim Tom & Ron became The Contenders.

Around 1968, the band signed on with a new label, Equinox, under producer Terry Melcher, who had the group change their name to Glad.  In Los Angeles, Glad recorded one album, Feelin' Glad.  The album, again, is very Beatlesque, but it is a highly produced effort, more so like the post-'65 Beatles.  Apparently, the band was unhappy with the album due to the fact that they had very little control over it.  Certain parts of the record were overdubbed with strings, horns, and fancy production against the band's wishes.  Furthermore, its been stated that Tim Schmit is the only Glad member that appeared on the LP's track, "Shape of Things to Come," and this was apparently a sore spot for the group.  Regardless, the album, which is mostly Glad originals, is a solid album filled with great cuts and great singing and harmonies.

Unfortunately, Feelin' Glad did not sell particularly well, and in 1969, Tim Schmit, aka, Timothy B. Schmit was offered the position of bassist for Poco . He accepted it and went onto record some of the most under appreciated music ever with the band.  He became the replacement for Randy Meisner, who, ironically, he would replace again in the Eagles in 1977.  With Poco, Tim released 11 albums. Glad, again, changed their name.  This time, they became Redwing.

1. A New Tomorrow - 2:49
2. Say What You Mean - 2:14
3. Bedtime Story - 2:22
4. Pickin’ Up The Pieces - 2:53
5. Shape Of Things To Come (Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil) - 2:46
6. Love Needs The World (Erik W. Wangberg) - 3:32
7. Sweet Melinda (Ron Floegel, Tom Phillips, Timothy B. Schmit) - 2:31
8. Let’s Play Make Believe (Ron Floegel, Tom Phillips) - 2:25
9. No Ma It Can’t Be - 3:28
10.Two Worlds - 2:53
11.Johnny Silver’s Ride - 3:38
12.Silly Girl - 4:14
All songs by Ron Floegel except where stated

*Ron Floegel - Guitar, Vocals
*Tom Phillips - Guitar, Vocals
*Timothy B. Schmit - Bass, Vocals
*George Hullin - Drums, Vocals

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