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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Tim Buckley - Blue Afternoon (1969 us, outstanding jazzy folk rock, disc 4 of the 2017 eight cds box set)

Although it's not often recognised as one of his best, Blue Afternoon is an amazing album. Style-wise it continues along the same vein as Happy Sad, but ventures a little deeper into the blues.

It has been said that this album was a bit of a let down after the previous three, this is something we cant disagree with strongly enough. Granted it is not as experimental or groundbreaking as Lorca (which was actually recorded before this) but it is outstanding none the less.

So deep and chilled, definitely one for a lazy winter night by the fire. It is a pretty moody collection of tunes, Happy Time being as close as it gets to cheerful, but then Tim Buckley's not usually what you would call jubilant. Chase The Blues Away and Café are both hauntingly beautiful stand out tracks, as are the lighter, jazzier, vibe accompanied songs - I Must Have Been Blind and The River. If I could only own one Tim Buckley album it would have to be a coin flip between this and Happy Sad.
Naldertown, 2005

1. Happy Time - 3:16
2. Chase The Blues Away - 5:14
3. I Must Have Been Blind - 3:45
4. The River - 5:47
5. So Lonely - 3:30
6. Cafe - 5:27
7. Blue Melody - 4:54
8. The Train - 7:55
All songs by Tim Buckley

*Tim Buckley - 12 String Guitar, Vocals
*Lee Underwood - Guitar, Piano
*Steve Khan - Guitar
*David Friedman - Vibes
*John Miller – Acoustic, Electric Bass
*Jimmy Madison - Drums
*Carter C.C. Collins - Congas

1966  Tim Buckley - Tim Buckley (Part 1 of 2017 eight cds box set)
1967  Tim Buckley - Goodbye And Hello  (Part 2 of 2017 eight cds box set) 
1969  Tim Buckley - Happy Sad (Part 3 of 2017 eight cds box set)

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