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Friday, November 18, 2022

The O Band - The Knife (1977 uk, fine mix of funky glam and classic rock vibes, 2021 korean remaster)

The first song from "The Knife" is an old number by Spirit. The O-Band dutifully plays the song. The second song is also a cover penned by John Fogerty "Almost Saturday Night", from the third song the band does present their own material. "I'm Gonna Leave You" is a mid-tempo rock number with nice harmony vocals. "Strange Lovin'" sounds similar. The song sounds good and breathes a lot of west coast feeling with a pinch of country rock. "Back Alley Lightning" continues what has been heard so far. That sounds like US rock

"Time Seems To Fly" is another relaxed rock song. Here, too, practically everything is correct. "The Knife" is the heart of the album. The longest song on the album is also the most varied and interesting song with an interesting story. "Got To Run" follows the style of the previous song and picks up the thread of the song and the story. "Venus Avenue" ends the album in a balladesque way. Towards the end the song gets really interesting with an increasingly dissonant orchestration.

Too bad the band never made it. The Knife is a pretty good album. Singer Pix sounds very interesting, his voice has a high recognition value. The instrumental performances and harmony vocals are good. The own songs are well done. Especially the title track and the two following songs harmonize well with each other. Shortly after the release, Pix Pickford decided to leave for a solo career. The O Band later disbanded at the end of 1977. 

1. Look To The Left, Look To The Right (Randy California) - 3:15
2. Almost Saturday Night (John Fogerty) - 2:57
3. I'm Gonna Leave You (Craig Anders, Jonathan Pickford) - 3:29
4. Strange Lovin' (Jeff Bannister, Jonathan Pickford) - 3:53
5. Back Alley Lightning (Jeff Bannister) - 4:28
6. Time Seems To Fly (Jeff Bannister) - 3:45
7. The Knife (Jonathan Pickford) - 7:56
8. Got To Run (Jeff Bannister, Jonathan Pickford) - 4:26
9. Venus Avenue (Craig Anders) - 4:51

The O Band
*Jonathan Pix Pickford - Lead Vocals, Guitar
*Mark Anders - Bass
*Derek Ballard - Drums, Percussion  
*Craig Anders - Vocals, Peddle Steel Guitar, Slide Guitar 
*Jeff Bannister - Vocals, Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizer

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