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Saturday, April 20, 2024

rep> Various Artists - The Chosen Few 1-2 (1964-67 us, superb rare garage punkadelic)

Rare collection of artists  from the mid-60's and most of them have been lost in the whirl of time, but they managed to record few little pearls.  The collection is based on 45' vinyls, and from some labels who were involved in the revival of the Garage/Punkadelic sound, of the years to follow.

This release carries the sound waves and the rhythm of their time, and the booklet that accompanies gives detailed information for each song and band. We may now be surprised about the sound quality of entries but they largely manages to give us generously the position of a decade that we still love.

This was one of my first uploads (the flac rip was recently done) so the scans are only at 300dpi. If there's any request about albums or artists please feel free to ask for.
Thank you all for your support and your comments.

Musician - Title - Composer
1. Gonn - The Blackout of Gretely (Craig Moore, Rex Garrett) - 4:26
2. Tides In - Trip with Me (Fred Kamine, Patrick Durso, Ricky Rogerson) - 2:39
3. Debonaires - Never Mistake (Gene Szymusiak, John Carey) - 2:25
4. Shames - The Special Ones (Denis Trudel) - 2:22
5. Moods - I Give You an Inch (And You Take A Mile) (Larry D. Smith, Terry Smith) - 2:39
6. M.G. And The Escorts - A Someday Fool (Glenn Grecco) - 2:30
7. Chob - We're Pretty Quick (Keith Bradshaw, Quentin Miller) - 2:21
8. Nomads - Thoughts of a Madman (Bruce Evans, Larry Deatherage) - 2:59
9. Things To Come - Sweet Gina (Steve Runolfsson) - 2:47
10.Things To Come - Speak of the Devil (Steve Runolfsson) - 2:18
11.Mystic Five - Are You for Real Girl (Dave Carney, Jackson Brower, Joe Chytil) - 2:42
12.Sleepers - I Want A Love (Tom Zinser, Chris Davis) - 2:26
13.Gents - If You Don't Come Back (Winston Cabral) - 2:06
14.Thee Wylde Main-iacs - Why Ain't Love Fair (Freddie Wylde) - 2:31
15.Ty Wagner with the Scotchmen - I'm A Nocount (Ty Wagner) - 2:28
16.Romancers - She Took My Oldsmobil (Max Uballez) - 2:48
17.Sir Michael and the Sounds - Can You (Mike Elworth) - 2:07
18.Syndicate - The Egyptian Thing (Jim Kobzeff) - 2:12
19.Quadrangle - She's Too Familiar Now (Michael Konstan, Jay Fishman) - 2:31
20.Joys of Life - Descent (Danny McMullin, Jim Albrecht) - 2:07
21.Primates - Knock on My Door (John Demetrious) - 2:22
22.Brain Train - Me (Bud Mathis, Doug Lubahn) - 2:23
23.Twelfth Night - Grim Reaper (Don Hall) - 1:56
24.Terry Knight and the Pack - How Much More (Terry Knight) - 2:29
25.Mussies - Louie Go Home (Paul Revere, Mark Lindsay) - 2:18
26.Legends - I'll Come Again (Ray Vasquez, Scott Hamberg) - 2:04
27.Quests - Shadows in the Night (Bob Fritzen) - 2:33
28.Quests - I'm Tempted (Lyle Hotchkiss) - 1:37
29.Black Watch - Left Behind (John Grannis, Glenn Stout, Bill Shaw, Bob Rayce, Brad Bassett) - 2:31