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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Various Artists - Tymes Gone By (1964-67 us, spectacular garage beat psych, vinyl edition)

Rare compilation by Greek label Action, with US Artists and songs recorded between 1964-67. Below I have links with informations from most of the Bands included here.

Blue Boys or Sound Of Excitement

Artists - Tracks 
1. The Weads - Don't Call My Name (Allan Varela, Dick Turano) - 02:16
2. The Rumbles - Fourteen Years (Rich Clayton) - 02:18
3. The Cobras - Goodbye (Eric Welsch) - 02:07
4. The Soothsayers - Please Don't Be Mad (Dave Van Omen, John Gibson) - 02:14
5. Little John and the Monks - Black Winds (Tom Davis) - 02:06
6. The Front Page News - You Better Behave (Wadley, Baldwin, Smith, Routh, Popejoy) - 01:43
7. The Todds - Things Will Change (Wallace Lyle Todd, Richard Lee Gluth) - 02:19
8. Blue Boys - Why Did You Go (Jerry Ciccone, Whisler) - 02:43
9. Richie's Renegades - Don't Cry (William H. Dunn, Jr., Robert J. Leger) - 02:00
10.Jerry Waugh and The Skeptics - I Told Her Goodbye (Jerry Waugh) - 02:11
11.The Specktrum - I Was A Fool (R. Schmeisser, K. Jeremiah) - 02:17
12.The Maltees Four - All Of The Time (Egan, Greenberg, Johnson, Saylor) - 02:16
13.Brym-Stonz Ltd. - Times Gone By (Leslie Roberts, Curtis Kirk) - 02:34
14.The Impacts - Don't You Dare (The Impacts) - 02:21

The Skeptics 

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