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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Turquoise - The Further Adventures Of Flossie Fillett (1966-69 uk, bright mod beat psychedelia, Rev Ola release)

Cult UK pop-psych heroes Turquoise burst forth from Muswell Hill with two of the most perfectly formed pop singles of 1968 then went the way of so many of their contemporaries and vanished back to the building sites and tax offices of north London.

But this story goes a lot deeper than that... Friends and neighbours of Ray and Dave Davies, Ewan Stephens, Vic Jansen and Jeff Peters would watch with envy as The Kinks rose to global fame during the mid-1960s, eventually forming a band of their own. A little of the brothers’ influence inevitably rubbed off on The Brood (for ‘twas they) with Dave producing demo sessions for them and touting the results round the labels to no avail.

Through Dave, they were soon being managed by John Mason, the infamous ‘car dealer to the stars’, who had his clients Keith Moon and John Entwistle produce another session for them in 1967. Mason then hooked The Brood up with another of Mason’s clients, Tom Keylock, The Rolling Stones’ tour manager, who, along with Kirk Duncan of the Spencer Davis agency, secured them a recording contract with Decca, a publishing deal with Apple and a name change to Turquoise.

The next few months were spent rehearsing at the Stones’ space in London’s Docklands, visiting various London recording studios, running with The Who and The Kinks and generally having a ball being young pop stars in swinging London. Although only two singles appeared – “53 Summer Street”/”Tales Of Flossie Fillett” and “Woodstock”/Saynia”, now much-loved classics of the psychedelic pop genre - the band cut several tracks during this time which remained unreleased until now.

However, the lack of a hit single and the fickle nature of the pop business inevitably resulted in Turquoise’s premature demise in 1969. Ewan Stephens forged a solo career, cutting further singles for Decca while Jeff Peters and latter day Turquoise member Barry Hart formed the hard-rockin’ Slowbone who cut the album “Tales Of A Crooked Man” in 1974. “The Further Adventures Of Flossie Fillet” brings together every surviving recording made by The Brood and Turquoise between 1966 and 1969, including a virtual album’s worth of prime 1968 pop in a Kinks/Who/Small Faces/Move style as well as alternate versions and demos.

It features liner notes by noted psych/Apple authority Stefan Granados and brand new in-depth interview material with Turquoise main man Jeff Peters. The complete surviving recordings by this cult north London pop-psych act, most of which have never been heard before! Features the much-loved singles “53 Summer Street”, “Tales Of Flossie Fillett”, “Woodstock” and “Saynia”! Mates of The Kinks, The Who, Apple and the Spencer Davis agency.

Ultra-hip credentials! Beautifully re-mastered in the usual Rev-Ola style! In-depth liner notes by Stefan Granados featuring brand new interview material with Turquoise main man Jeff Peters. Stuffed to the gills with fantastic original photos and memorabilia from the band’s own archives !A landmark release and a MUST for all fans of quality UK ‘60s pop, pop-psych, The Kinks, The Who, Small Faces, The Beatles…Hell, everybody really!

1. Tales of Flossie Fillett - 3:04
2. Flying Machine (Second Version) - 3:05
3. Sister Saxophone - 3:10
4. 53 Summer Street - 2:52
5. The Sea Shines (Peters) - 4:01
6. Village Green (Peters) - 2:23
7. Saynia - 2:52
8. Sunday Best (Peters) - 2:41
9. Woodstock - 3:29
10.Stand Up and Be Judged (Duncan) - 2:52
11.Woodstock (First Reduction) - 3:24
12.Flying Machine (First Version) - 3:06
13.Leana - 2:53
14.What's Your Name (Unknown) - 2:54
15.Mindless Child of Motherhood (Davies) - 3:34
16.You're Just Another Girl (As the Brood) - 2:27
17.Wrong Way (As the Brood) (Peters) - 3:31
18.The Turquoise 1968 Christmas Record (Turquoise) - 1:52
All song by Jeff Peters and Ewan Stephens except where indicated.

*Jeff Peters - Lead Guitar, Piano
*Barry Hart - Guitar
*Ewan Stephens - Drums
*Vic Jansen - Bass
*Geoff Syrett - Guitar

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