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Monday, June 18, 2012

Connexion - Connexion 1975 (canada, stunning hard rock with french lyrics, 2012 edition)

A French Canadian band from Montreal, Quebec, whose album features some tasty guitar work, all the lyrics are sung in French. The band saw  Dominique Sciscente playing in a dusty little club and was excited, he managed a contract and studio recording for RCA. Their influence was a magma of classic and hard blues rock.

1. Pas Besom De Personne - 3:56
2. Un Employe - 3:41
3. Mei Je Crois En Toi - 3:52
4. Tout Cela Pour Nous - 3:40
5. Tu M'as Eu - 3:32
6. Elle Ne Veut Plus De Moi - 2:43
7. J'ai Pas Le Temps - 3:45
8. Comprendre - 5:42
9. Fais-Moi Sourire - 3:28
10. Le Vieux Du Coin - 4:50
11. Faut Pas Lacher - 2:31
All compositions by Vezina, Barbier, Sciortlno, Verrlllo

*Richard Vezina – Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
*Emidio "Peanut” Verrillo – Guitar, Vocals
*Michel Barbier - Bass
*Salvatore Toto Sciortino – Drums, Percussion

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