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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Potliquor - Potliquor (1979 us, awesome hard southern roots 'n' roll with some brass sections, 2010 issue)

Originally released in 1979 this same-titled from Louisiana's Potliquor. By 1979, the band had undergone noticable changes both with an overhaul of the entire lineup (minus bassist Guy Schaeffer) and the band's musical direction. Where Potliquor's style first was drenched in gospel influenced southern rock, this reborn lineup rather aimed for Allman Brothers territory. 

Along with a lineup change, the band also found a new home at Capitol Records, which presented greater career possibilities than their previous contract with the smaller Janus label. Whether this change prompted mass resistance is not known, but surely fans were divided when the singles from this effort hit the airwaves later that year. It is known that the band toured for a year or so before collapsing. Members went on to work in various bands as well as pursuing other interests outside of the business. 

1. Right Street-Wrong Direction (Jerry Amoroso, Steve Gunter) - 4:05
2. Red Stick 3:47
3. Misery 3:02
4. Mr. President (Randy Newman) - 2:17
5. Hey Mama 4:40
6. Boy Oh Boy 3:43
7. Life Should Be A Laugh 3:54
8. Liar (David Craig, Jerry Amoroso) - 2:30
9. Louisiana Lady (Harry Vanda, George Young) - 3:39
10.Oh So Long 4:20
All songs by Jerry Amoroso except where stated

The Potliquor
*Jerry Amoroso - Vocals, Drums, percussions
*Guy Schaeffer - Bass
*Mike McQuaig - Vocals, Guitar
*Steve Sather - Vocals, Guitar
*John Brem - Horn
*Charlie Brent - Arranger, Horn
*Michael Gyurik - Strings
*Yolanda Nichols - Vocals
*Allen Nisbet - Strings
*Brian O'Neil - Horn
*Valerie Poullette - Strings
*Rod Roddy - Clavinet, Piano, Synthesizer
*Jon Smith - Arranger, Horn
*Wade Smith - Horn
*Jim Ummal - Strings
*Joe Woolie - Horn

1970  Potliquor - First Taste (2010 edition)
1972  Potliquor - Levee Blues (2010 issue)
1973  Potliquor - Louisiana Rock 'n' Roll (2010 edition)

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