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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blue Sun And Jytte Pilloni - It's All Money Johnny (1975-76 denmark, amazing hard blues funky rock with jazzy mood)

Jytte Pilloni was born in 1951 in Denmark. Blue Sun formed in Copenhagen circa 1969. When Jytte joined the Blue Sun, the old, hardened jazz went the way, replaced by roots psychedelic blues funky rock with hard guitars and her superb voice.

Jytte Pilloni and  Blue Sun appeared in Slotsgade Jazz Club for few shows, but when it happened, there was magic in the air.  When Jyttie left Blue Sun she travelled around with  other rock bands. Jytte Pilloni was really one of the 'Big female voices' in Denmark. Not known as deserved, but loved by many. 

This record, which she did with the folks from a new version of ol' Blue Sun, shows her big talent. A near-hit was On A Creamy Candy Cloud, which I also like a lot. Great attention has been paid on the remastering  from original tapes gives a great sound.

1. Come On Children (Eriksen, Greenwood) - 3:45
2. Gollum (Eriksen, Greenwood) - 4:47
3. Cream Candy Cloud (Eriksen, Greenwood) - 4:37
4. Blue Pyramid (Eriksen, Greenwood) - 3:57
5. Lad Mig Dele Dine Drömme (Berggreen, Turell) - 3:48
6. Gong-Gong (Eriksen) - 5:15
7. Lucky Jack (Eriksen, Greenwood) - 3:23
8. Afraid (Eriksen, Greenwood) - 2:24
9. It's All Money Johnny (Eriksen, Turell) - 3:36
10. Blue Sun (Andersen, Falck) - 4:37
11. Jonnie The Junkie (Eriksen, Turell) - 3:37

Blue Sun
*Jytte Pilloni - Vocals
*Poul "Hvem Ellers" Ehlers - Bass
*Bo Thrige Andersen - Drums
*Stefan Borum - Keyboards
*Torben Bruun - Guitar
*Preben Eriksen - Guitar
*Richard Greenwood - Vocals, Violin
Additional Musicians
*Niels Barfod - Alto Sax
*Ole Kuhl - Tenor Sax
*Verner Work - Trumpet
*Kjeld Meller - Trombone

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