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Friday, June 23, 2023

rep> Mouzakis - Magic Tube (1965-73 us, stunning raw garage psych with rhythm and blues traces, 2007 bonus tracks edition)

Mouzakis were an East coast basement garage psych group and this is their full LP from 1971. The band started with R&B rock standards, adapted on its way bits of rock’n roll, early rock, and stayed mostly rather on the edge with a more garage rock sound. They learned songs like from Animals, and did a cover from Blues Magoos.

Groups of that time like The Who, Animals and even the Rolling Stones very much liked to keep that rawness of garage alive in their more into the 70s directing rock expressions, also Fabulous Pharoahs and Mouzakis fitted with that approach.

The tracks are a bit longer and especially the first two tracks show complex rhythm use in combination with their adapted R&B influence into rock territory. “Magic Tube” has a complex fast rhythm, (bass and drums) almost funky in its bluesy rock way, while on top is slower bluesy singing, with rhythm guitar, creating a unique kind of complexity I have not heard elsewhere. “Rock Around the clock” with additional organ parts continues a bit in the same direction.

Fred Dawson opined 'after trying to get 4-5 people to agree on 'stuff to play,' we ended up as a three piece band. What we lacked in personnel we made up for in amplification.' Magic Tube, very much the rough and ready hard garage psych album, features almost complete material from the collective pen of Dawson and Stevenson.

Of the band, one critic was moved to proclaim 'Mouzakis has to be heard to be believed. They are totally unique...and as a trio, they accomplish more in their sound than groups double their size!'" Two of the members continued to play under the name Capone until the 80s.

1. Sometimes, I Think About You (Ronnie Gilbert, Ralph Scala, Emil Theilheim, Mike Esposito) - 3:01
2. Hold Me Tight (Fred Dawson, Ed Stevenson, Bill Rylander) - 2:41
3. Church Key (Aubry Fisher, Ed Stevenson) - 2:41
4. Route 66 (Bobby Troup) - 2:11
5. Run And Hide (Fred Dawson, Ed Stevenson) - 2:03
6. Fire Street (Fred Dawson, Ed Stevenson) - 2:59
7. Don't Need Your Money - 3:08
8. Gonna Give You Rock 'n' Roll - 2:33
9. Looking Back (Johnny Guitar Watson) - 2:28
10.We Will Be Together (Dick Taylor, Phil May, John Stax) - 3:14
11.Lady (Fred Dawson, Steve Stipo) - 3:06
12.Hey Hey Hey (Richard Penniman) - 2:13
13.Morning Sun (Fred Dawson, Ed Stevenson) - 2:40
14.Don't Want You No More (Fred Dawson, Ed Stevenson) - 2:46
15.Magic Tube - 7:26
16.Rock Around The Clock (Jimmy DeKnight, Max Freedman) - 2:30
17.White Horse - 3:28
18.Love Everyday - 3:56
19.Long Haired Bombardier - 4:07
20.Party Ball - 2:18
21.Lady - 5:31
22.Both Do Fine - 3:09
All songs by Fred Dawson, Eddie Stevenson, Steve Stipo except where stated 
Tracks 1-4 as The Fabulous Pharoahs

*Ed Stevenson - Vocals, Trumpet, Drums
*Sam Stipo - Guitar
*Fred Dawason - Saxophone, Keyboards

The Fabulous Pharoahs
*Ed Stevenson - Lead Vocals, Drums 
*Aubrey Fisher, - Lead Guitar 
*Fred Dawson - Tenor Sax, Organ 
*Bill Rylander - Rhythm Guitar
*Bobby Walker - Bass