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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Highway - Smoking At The Edges (1974 uk, awesome bluesy country swamp rock, 2012 korean remaster)

UK band from Sunderland, formed by ex-Cold Comfort drummer Ian Byron, guitarist Ray Minhinnit and former Heaven bassist John Gordon.  The band scored exposure in the UK by acting as support to Black Sabbath's December 1973 tour. Ray Minhinnit played with artists such as Alan Price and Georgie Fame. Highway also included John Elstar, and James Hall. They released "Highway" in 1974 and "Smoking At The Edges" later the same year on EMI Records.

After they split Minhinnett  joined Frankie Miller’s Full House in the mid-70s, he also played with Phoenix at the start of the 80s and was in John Coghlan’s Diesel Band. Minhinnett was soon concentrating on writing music, sometimes composing in collaboration with others, such as Andy Frazer and his long-term associate Bob Young. He was also musical director for a Sky Television music show. The 90's found Minhinnit working with ex-Whitesnake guitarist Micky Moody on the 1998 Minhinnit, Young and Moody project album. 

John Gordon wound up playing with Pink Floyd man Roger Waters on his 'When The Wind Blows' album.  Vocalist John Elstar played a small part in the history of Black Sabbath adding harmonica touches to their 1978 album 'Never Say Die'.  In the early eighties Elstar fronted a short-lived London outfit dubbed Informer, involving ex-Side Winder and Stallion guitarist Stuart Smith, Whitesnake bassist Neil Murray and a pre-Iron Maiden Nico McBrain. 

1. No Need To Run (Ray Minhinnett) - 6:06
2. Better Times (Jim Hall, Ian Byron) - 3:04
3. Heaven`s End (Ray Minhinnett) - 2:25
4. Quantrill`s Men (Jon Elstar, Will Killeen) - 5:46
5. Anna Lee (Jon Elstar, Will Killeen) - 5:39
6. Cell Block 4 (Jon Elstar, Will Killeen) - 3:38
7. Don`t Turn Your Light On (John Gordo) - 3:55
8. Natural Born Gun (Ian Byron) - 2:20
9. One Sad Song (John Gordo) - 6:53

*Ray Minhinnett - Electric, Slide, 12-String Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
*Jim Hall - Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals
*Ian Byron - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*John Gordon - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
*Jon Elstar - Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals, Harmonica

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