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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Euphoria - Lost In Trance (1973 us, hard 'n' rough psych jam rock)

This very rare 1973 private press hard rock record in that Primevil, Magi, Wedge vein but even more primitive and down and dirty with filthy acid guitar like you love.

Euphoria formed Wiscons round 1973, showed amazing songwriting talent plus musical ability Classic midwest American heavy psych with somewhat biker vibe Raging agressive Fuzz-guitar leads  with great echoey-reverb effects ,true sledgehammer bass ,crunching drums ,very melodic tunefull vocals. A Must for all 70 s heavy psych enthusiasts. 

This is a heavy rock album with lots of fine guitar work, particularly on the title track, Lost In Trance, the most psychedelic cut, and Enchanted. All the songs on the album were written by lead guitarist D. Walloch.

1. Brotherhood - 5:00
2. Just for a Moment - 6:35
3. Lost in Trance - 6:32
4. Oriental News - 5:15
5. Enchanted - 4:51
6. Middle Asian Lament - 6:09

*Dennis Walloch - Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics
*Bryan Walloch - Drums, Percussion
*Laurie Walloch - Keyboard, Vocals, Bass
*Cara Olsen - Guitar, Bass
*Mike Walloch - Previous Drummer

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