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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Humble Pie - Town and Country (1969 uk, 2nd album, 2007 remastered with extra bonus tracks)

Anyone who thinks of Humble Pie solely in terms of their latter-day boogie rock will be greatly surprised with this, the band's second release, for it is almost entirely acoustic. There is a gently rocking cover of Buddy Holly's "Heartbeat," and a couple of electrified Steve Marriott numbers, but the overall feel is definitely more of the country than the town or city.

"The Sad Bag of Shaky Jake" is a typical Marriott country ditty, similar to those he would include almost as a token on each of the subsequent studio albums, and "Every Mother's Son" is structured as a folk tale. On "The Light of Love," Marriott even plays sitar. Peter Frampton's contributions here foreshadow the acoustic-based music he would make as a solo artist a few years later.

 As a whole, this is a crisp, cleanly recorded, attractive-sounding album, totally atypical of the Humble Pie catalog, but well worth a listen.
by Jim Newsom

1. Take Me Back (Frampton) - 4:52
2. The Sad Bag of Shaky Jake (Marriott) - 2:59
3. The Light of Love (Ridley) - 3:00
4. Cold Lady (Shirley) - 3:22
5. Down Home Again (Marriott) - 2:56
6. Ollie Ollie (Frampton, Jones, Marriott, Ridley, Shirley) - 0:50
7. Every Mother's Son (Marriott) - 5:42
8. Heartbeat (Montgomery, Petty) - 2:32
9. Only You Can See (Frampton) - 3:37
10.Silver Tongue (Marriott) - 3:20
11.Home and Away (Frampton, Ridley) - 5:54
12.Desperation (Kay) - 6:26
13.Stick Shift (Frampton) - 2:22
14.Buttermilk Boy (Marriott) - 4:21
15.As Safe as Yesterday Is (Frampton, Marriott) - 6:06
16.Bang! (Marriott) - 3:26
17.Alabama '69 (Marriott) - 6:59
18.Wrist Job (Marriott) - 4:16
19.Natural Born Bugie (Marriott) - 4:11

Humble Pie
* Greg Ridley - Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Tambourine
* Peter Frampton - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Spanish Guitar, Drums, Wurlitzer Piano
* Steve Marriott - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Piano, Marracaas, Drums
* Jerry Shirley - Drums, Percussion, Tambourine, Tablas, Marracaas, Piano

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