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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Albatross - Rockin The Sky (1975 us, excellent mix of hard blues southern rock, 2016 edition)

Albatross was a hard southern rock band with extremely solid guitars. It's confident, driving, and often metallic in the way that Blackfoot could be. A consistent album that is an absolute must for those looking into the far reaches of southern rock obscurities, and the heavier side of Southern Rock in general.

Private press out of Virginia. Killer guitar leads, and tons of rad songs about partying. Very strong album, with one awesome jam after another. 

1. Out Of Control (Gary Ward, Henry Reid, Mike George) - 4:02
2. After The Fire (Henry Reid, Rudy Weaver) - 5:06
3. Spare A Dime (Henry Reid, Rudy Weaver) - 3:33
4. About Losing (Gary Ward, Henry Reid, Mike George) - 3:36
5. Back Street Lover (Gary Ward, Henry Reid) - 3:48
6. Same Old Song (Gary Ward, Henry Reid, Mike George) - 3:46
7. No Reason To Cry (Gary Ward, Mike George) - 2:47
8. On The Run (Henry Reid, Rudy Weaver) - 2:50
9. Yankee Jam (Gary Ward) - 2:55
10.Both Sides Now (Gary Ward, Henry Reid, Mike George) - 2:23
11.Other Side Of Town (Gary Ward, Henry Reid) - 3:09
12.Mean Woman Blues (Gary Ward, Henry Reid) - 4:44

*Gary Ward - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals 
*Chris Massie - Guitar
*Rudy Weaver - Bass, Backing Vocals 
*Henry Reid - Keyboards 
*Joe Campbell - Drums, Backing Vocals 
*Mike George - Lead Vocals