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Friday, May 6, 2011

Brainchild - Healing Of The Lunatic Owl (1970 uk, significant progr rock, jazz fusion, 2008 reissue)

Lennie Wright from Web and Samurai produced Brainchild's first and only album, so it's no surprise that "Healing of the Lunatic Owl" is in a similar style to both "I Spider" and Samurai's self-titled album. That means early 70's progressive rock dominated by horns and organ.

The opener "Autobiography" starts as a straightforward rocker, but turns in the middle into a complex instrumental section that lasts for the rest of the song. Although it's one of the shortest tracks on the album, it sums up nearly every side of the band's music very well. The swinging title-track is one of the highlights, and the structure is really not that far away from "Autobiography", but the track returns to the main part at the end again.

The slow and bluesy beat of "Hide From the Dawn" is a bit more basic, but the long instrumental passages and complex arrangements make it well worth listening to. "She's Learning" is the catchiest song on the album, and has almost hit-potential. However, the longest tune is "A Time A Place", featuring dramatic vocal parts mixed with more intricate instrumental parts.

"Two Bad Days" is for me the least good song, but the ballad "Sadness of a Moment" is really beautiful, consisting of nothing else than flute, guitar and vocals. And the album finally closes with the excellent instrumental "To "B"". I'm not sure if I would rate this album as high as "I Spider" or "Samurai", but it's still a very good LP worth finding if you enjoy the two mentioned bands or progressive rock with horns in general.

1. Autobiography - 3:35
2. Healing Of The Lunatic Owl - 5:05
3. Hide From The Dawn -6:50
4. She's Learning - 4:13
5. A Time A Place - 8:55
6. Two Bad Days - 3:55
7. Sadness Of A Moment - 4:08
8. To B - 3:52

*Harvey Coles - Bass, Vocals
*Bill Edwrds - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Dave Muller - Drums
*Chris Jennings - Organ, Piano
*Brian Wilshaw - Saxophone, Flute
*Lloyd Williams - Trumpet