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Monday, December 5, 2022

Natural Acoustic Band - Learning To Live (1972 uk, divine acid folk psych, 2018 Japan remaster)

Natural Acoustic Band was formed in 1969, in Milngavie, Glasgow, Scotland. There were a number of personnel changes but the essential line-up was Tom Hoy (b. 5 February 1950, Glasgow, Scotland; guitar, vocals), Robin Thyne (b. 1 November 1950, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England; guitar, vocals), and Krysia Kocjan, pronounced Kotsyan (b. 10 August 1953, Craigendoran, Scotland; vocals). Kocjan had a Polish father and a Flemish mother. The group played their first gig on 5 November 1969, at Alloa Working Men’s Club. Eventually, the press picked up on Kocjan’s vocal talent, and they were increasingly billed as the Natural Acoustic Band, featuring Krysia Kocjan. Occasionally, the group was augmented by a Chinese drummer and an Australian bass player, a truly international line-up. Their two albums for RCA Records, were both released in 1972; Learning To Live in May, andBranching In in October. Kocjan left in late 1972, and Thyne and Hoy continued to work with Joanna Carlin. She then left to pursue a solo career, and is now better known as Melanie Harrold.

Thyne and Hoy continued as a duo, until the latter joined Magna Carta in 1975, initially as a sound engineer but eventually as a full-time member of the group. Thyne followed his former bandmate to Magna Carta in 1977. In 1979, both Hoy and Thyne left and formed Nova Carta, recording the sole album, Roadworks, for CBS Records, in Holland. Kocjan released a solo album in 1974, and has since worked with Al Stewart, Ray Davies, Robin Williamson, Mike Heron, and Glenn Yarborough. Now living in the USA, Kocjan is still busy with session work, and voice teaching, and has plans to record again. Thyne continues to work in a solo capacity, while Hoy works in a duo with his wife Geraldine as Tom And Gerry.

1. Learning To Live (Tom Hoy) - 2:32
2. Sometimes I Could Belive In You - 2:48
3. Subway Cinderlla - 3:18
4. Free - 3:42
5. Tom - 3:15
6. February Feeling - 3:31
7. Maybe It Was The Sunshine (Tom Hoy) - 3:02
8. Midnight Study - 2:33
9. All I Want Is Your Love (Tom Hoy) - 3:22
10.Waiting For The Rain (Krysia Kocjan, Tom Hoy, Robin Thyne) - 3:17
11.Dying G Bird (Tom Hoy) - 2:40
12.High In My Head - 3:21
Words and Music by Krysia Kocjan except where stated

Natural Acoustic Band
*Tom Hoy - Guitar, Vocals, 
*Robin Thyne - Guitar, Bongos, Bass Recorder, Vocals, 
*Krysia Kocjan - Vocals, Guitar, Glockenspiel