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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Window - Window (1974 us, fabulous acid psych folk rock)

Judy Kelly grew up in Dallas, Texas. She started singing at age 2 and always dreamed of singing professionally. Judy’s parents purchased her first guitar when she was 11. Her first songs were about school and the Beatles but as her lyrics and music matured, folk and folk rock became her main musical influences.

In the late 1960s, Judy began playing at folk clubs and on the college coffee house circuit. She also started singing with a garage band adding vocals to lyrics written by other band members.

In the summer of 1974, Judy asked several of her musician friends to work on a project which became the album Window. Window was released locally and the title song was picked up by Word records and included in a collection album.

This fabulous folky/psych album from the ‘70s is yet another example of another great album that fell through the cracks in the musical pavement. When references to Wi n d o w ’s self-titled album do pop up on the internet, it is usually in a Christian folk context, although there is precious little of this genre present on this lovely, wistful acoustic album. The star of the show is undoubtedly the (un-named) singer, whose range, poise and delivery are reminiscent of the vocal talents Linda Perhacs, Vashty Bunyan, and even Joni Mitchell in her Court And Spark/Hissing Of Summer Lawns heyday. 

Theres lots of trippy psych, particularly on the outstanding The Magician and Noah, and the strong, acoustic guitar-based accompaniment is tight but understated throughout. This, then, is an album that will appeal to lovers of folk-based female vocalist in particular, as well as appealing to those that just simply like good music. 

1. Silver - 2:58
2. Noah - 3:24
3. Lullaby You - 3:26
4. Day Star - 2:29
5. Comfort Me - 2:42
6. Happy To See You - 2:15
7. Jamie - 2:33
8. Beginning - 3:29
9. The Magician - 1:56
10.You Can Pray - 2:09
11.Window - 2:07
12.Shine - 3:59
13.Jenny’s Song - 2:47
14.The Garden - 3:14
Words and Music by Judy Kelly.

*Judy Kelly - Vocals, Piano
*Deni Kington - Harp
*Ed Helbing - Guitar
*Guy Moore - Drums
*Lisa - Contrabass
*Lela - Violin
*Cynthia - Violin
*Alan Steven - Acoustic Guitar
*Bobby Dennis - Keyboards
*Joe Cox -
*Liz Volk - Classic Piano
*Beth -
*Walter Bert Linebarger -
*Don Jordan -
*David Heyman -

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Various Artists - English Freakbeat Vol. 5 (1963-69 uk, more freakbeat treasures)

The English Freakbeat series is devoted to unearthing obscure, non-hit treasures of the British Invasion that are known only to obsessive collectors. Truth be told, many of those treasures were obscure for a reason, which makes these anthologies wildly uneven listening, but there are some gems to be found here. 

The highlights of this 21-song volume include a surprisingly pleasant slice of punk-pop from ex-Beatle drummer Pete Best, "The Way I Feel." Thane Russal's "I Need You" is a first-rate Them imitation; Geoff Goddard's "Sky Man" is a truly inspired piece of Joe Meek-produced lunacy about benign space aliens; and the Greenbeats' Merseyish "You Must Be the One" is undoubtedly the most obscure song that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote in the '60s (no, the Rolling Stones never did get around to recording it). 

That gives you the flavor of the manic variety on hand here. Some of the cuts are shamelessly derivative early British R&B, and others are simply not as striking as the gushing liner notes would have you believe. The CD also includes some extremely obscure productions by Shel Talmy and Joe Meek, as well as an obscure composition by Jackie DeShannon, that in no way approximates the greatness of their famous work. 
by Richie Unterberger

Artists - Tracks
1. The Pete Best Four - The Way I Feel About You - 2:01
2. The Darwin's Theory - Daytime - 2:51
3. The Peeps - Now Is The Time - 2:31
4. The Pickwicks - Hello Lady - 2:32
5. George Bean - Why Must They Criticize? - 1:59
6. Jason Eddie And The Centremen - Come On Baby - 2:25
7. The Untamed - It's Not True - 2:27
8. Geoff Goddard - Sky Man - 2:44
9. The Eggy - You're Still Mine - 2:49
10.New York Public Library - Gotta Get Away - 2:53
11.Chris Sandford - I Wish They Wouldn't Always Say I Sound Like The Guy From The Usa Blues - 2:20
12.The Cryin' Shames - What's News Pussycat - 2:33
13.A Wild Uncertainty - A Man With Money - 2:06
14.The Truth - Baby You've Got It - 2:02
15.Billy J. Kramer - Chinese Girl - 3:11
16.The Impac - Too Far Out - 2:34
17.The Paul Stewart Movement - Too Too Good - 2:52
18.The Greenbeats - You Must Be The One -  1:59
19.Rey Anton And The Peppermint Men - You Can't Judge A Book - 2:16
20.The Four + 1 - Don't Lie To Me -  1:54
21.Thane Russal - I Need You - 2:28

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