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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Crowbar - Heavy Duty (1972 canada, great rough blues rock)

Canada's Crowbar is not to be confused with an American grunge band during the 90s of the same name. While in a local Toronto band called The Ascots, Roly Greenway and Rheal Lanthier decided a change was in order,so they packed up their bags and headed to Nevada, and for the next couple of years on a nightly basis they played various Vegas clubs, opening for the likes of Zsa Zsa Gabor and even Liberace. After growing tired of the scene, the group split up, returning to Canada and going their seperate ways. Greenway then hooked up with Bobby Curtola's touring band.

Heavy Duty, recorded in Toronto, was released in late '72 amid much angst among the loyal following the band had already established. Two singles were released "Hey Baby" and "Dreams", though neither achieved the success expected. Also on the album was "The Eagle And The Beaver", a politically incorrect song about our relationship with our southern neighbours, and "Dead Head From St John's".

One of the oddest arrangements in Canadian music occurred the next year. Pierre Trudeau was running for re-election as Prime Minister. His wife was a known Crowbar fan, and she asked the band to tour the country with Lucky Pete on the campaign trail. The bid to gain the youth vote worked, except in Alberta - where he's still hated - years after his death. Trudeau was re-elected, Crowbar got some additional exposure, and Margaret moved on to The Rolling Stones. The over-whelming success of the band meant having to hire outside people to handle their affairs. Unfortunately, this meant mismanagement of their funds.  
by Frank Davies

1. Trilby - 2:48
2. Listen Sister (A Mutual Liberation Ballad) - 2:11
3. Hey Baby (Bruce Channel) - 3:01
4. Dreams (Jozef Chirowski, John Gibbard) - 2:56
5. Where Were You - 4:02
6. Dead Head Out Of St. John's - 3:53
7. The Beaver And The Eagle - 3:14
8. Cluckie's Escape (Roly Greenway) - 3:19
9. Snakes And Ladders - 2:54
10.Lay One Down (Roly Greenway, LOVE) - 4:26
Songs written by Kelly Jay except where stated

*Sonnie Bernardi - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*Jozef Chirowski - Piano, Organ, , Vibes, Flute, Vocals
*John Gibbard - Lead, Rhythm, Slide Guitar, Vocals
*Roly Greenway - Bass, Tambourine, Cowbell, Vocals
*Kelly Jay "Blake Fordham" - Vocals, Piano
*Rheal Lanthier - Lead Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

1970  King Biscuit Boy With Crowbar - Official Music 
1970-72  Crowbar - Memories Are Made Of This

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