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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Highway - Highway (1974 uk, remarkable country folk swamp rock, 2012 korean remaster)

"Highway" recorded and released in 1974 was the first album of the band. Much similar to other British swamp rockers like Ro Ro, Brian Short, Tennent Morrison and Black Cat Bones. Featuring Ray Minhinnet an exquisite guitarist, not only a marvellous player, but also an expert in guitar history.

1. Silver City (Jon Elstar, Will Killeen) - 5:57
2. Song For A Friend (Ray Minhinnet, John Gordon) - 6:44
3. Cajun Queen (John Gordon, Ian Byron, Ray Minhinnet) - 6:08
4. Blinds Me (Jon Elstar) - 4:44
5. Ready! (John Gordon, Jim Hall) - 3:20
6. Down By The Wishing Well (Jon Elstar, Will Killeen) - 5:24
7. Wee Wee Baby (Willie Dixon, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters) - 5:46
8. Same Old Dream (Jim Hall, John Gordon, Ian Byron) - 6:06

*Ray Minhinnett - Electric, Slide, 12-String Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
*Jim Hall - Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals
*Ian Byron - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*John Gordon - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
*Jon Elstar - Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals, Harmonica
*Mick Gradham - Guitar
*B.J. Cole - Pedal Steel Guitar
*Tony Carr - Congas

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