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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rainman - Rainman (1970 dutch, brilliant psych jazzy folk rock, Fallout issue)

Recorded in 1971, "Rainman" was co-produced by Cuby 'n' the Blizzards drummer Dick Beekman and Nuyens.  All tracks co-written by Nuyens and Q65 drummer Jay Baar (there's one cover), far from the Q65-styled R'n'B or psychedelia. 

Musically material such as the title track, 'Don't' and '' the collection leans towards laidback singer/songwriter faire; albeit with electric backing. In spite of a fairly heavy accent, Nuyens had a nice voice that was well suited to the material.  Individually most of the tracks were quite good, boasting strong melodies with Nuyens occasionally throwing in a tasty guitar solo ('Naturel Man' - his spelling).  

Curiously, his cover of Tim Hardin's 'Don't Make Promises' provides the most commercial and enjoyable track.  

1. Rainman - 2:33
2. Natural Man - 4:02
3. Don't - 2:43
4. Vicious Circle - 2:42
5. Don't Make Promises (Tim Hardin) - 2:44
6. You Will Be Freed By Me - 2:25
7. Money Means Nothing At All  - 2:40
8. Get You To Come Through - 5:29
9. She Told Me So - 3:28
10.They Didn't Feel - 4:00
11.The Joy That Is Inside - 3:04
12.The Bird (Bonus track) (Frank Nuyens) - 3:16
All songs by  Frank Nuyens and  Jay Baar except where noted

*Frank Nuyens - Vocals, Acoustic, Electric, Bottleneck Guitars, Bass
*Philip Peters - Keyboards
*Piet Kuyters - Piano
*Enno Velthuys - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Background Vocals
*Dick Beekman - Drums
*Jay Baar - Drums, Maracas, Vibes
*Francois Content - Flute, Cowbell
*Co Co - Congas
*E. Stoffel - Acoustic, Electric Guitars
*Eugene Farago - Drums
*H. Staalmeester - Bass

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