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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The (Blues) Creation With Felix Pappalardi - Live At Budokan (1976 japan, raw hard blues rock, rare double disc japan issue)

Blues Creation was formed by guitarists Kazuo Takeda, Koh Eiryu and singer Fumio Nunoya, in early 1969, after the dissolution of their Group Sounds outfit The Bickies. Takeda played many guitar sessions and slowly began to gain confidence in himself as a lead vocalist, so much so that when he returned to the Japanese music scene, in 1973, to support Mountain, it was as the lead singer/guitarist of a new power trio called simply Creation. 

The urbane and gregarious Takeda hit it off with Leslie West and Mountain drummer Corky Laing, but became even bigger mates with bassist Felix Pappalardi and his wife Gail Collins, who had written most of the lyrics for Mountain's hits. 

However, Creation did not release their first LP until 1975, by which time Takeda ? nervous of his new role as lead singer ? invited rhythm guitarist Yoshiaki Iijima to join drummer Masayuki Higuchi and bassist Shigeru Matsumoto in the new line up. Takeda contacted Felix Pappalardi and asked him to produce the second Creation LP. 

Pappalardi, temporarily deafened by the high volume at which Mountain always played concerts, had already decided to concentrate on studio production, and so he and his wife began to write songs with Takeda at their Nantucket home in Massachussets. In April 1976, the results were released in Japan as "Creation With Felix Pappalardi" and in the US as  "Felix Pappalardi Creation". Unfortunately, the international acclaim that Kazuo Takeda so longed for was still unforthcoming, although the record was once more a mighty success in Japan. 
by Julian Cope

Disc 1
1. Pretty Sue - 2:46
2. Lonely Night  / You Better Find Out - 3:53
3. A Magic Lady - 1:37
4. Tobacco Road - 6:15
5. Secret Power - 6:51
6. Dark Eyed Lady Of The Night - 8:07
7. MC / Blues - 8:46
8. Theme From A Imaginary Western - 5:58

Disc 2
1. Nantucked Sleighride (To Owen Coffin) - 11:57
2. Preacher’s Daughter - 3:26
3. Watch ‘N’ Chain - 15:16
4. MC - 1'06
5. Dreams I Dream Of You - 4:10
6. Guitar Solo - 1:05
7. High Heel Sneakers  - 3:32
8. Roll Over Beethoven -  3'41

The Creation
*Kazuo Flash Takeda - Guitar, Vocals
*Yoshiaki Iljima - Guitar
*Shigeru Matsumoto -  Bass
*Masayuki Higuchi -  Drums
*Felix Papalardi - Vocals, Bass

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Various Artists - The Hush Records Story (60's us, more treasures from the golden state)

The Nuggets series continues with a various artist compilation charting the life of the San Franciscan label Hush Records. Owner Garrie Thompson's story reads like an American dream come true-.-for a man whose forays in the music industry were no more than a hobby, he had an innate ability to spot a good singer and song. 

Though he will always be remembered as the producer of the one hit wonders Syndicate Of Sound, with the classic garage hit Little Girl, this 24 tracker shows the full extent of his and his artist's talents.
The Syndicate were Thompson's best known band, a group of fine young musicians whose clear aim was to be successful. Consequently, their musical style evolved to fit the trend of the day: they had started out playing in James Brown-style combos but soon switched to the British sound of the Beatles. 

Little Girl was the culmination of a mostly improvised session. With only a rough structure to the song, and some spontaneous arrangement, Thompson recorded the session and achieved the dynamics of a hit record. Get Outta My Life was an attempt to create a similar track to Little Girl, brimming with attitude. Looking For The Good Times (The Robot) and Rumour were recorded for their Bell album-.-2 hard-edged original tunes stood out of an album which contained mainly covers. 

The Brogues were another of Thompson's discoveries, tabbing their music as "American Music With A British Accent". They regarded themselves as hard-line R&B musicians, playing gutsy, punkified tunes with a strong influence from British bands such as Manfred Mann and the Pretty Things. Though some of the tracks included on this compilation, such as Someday or But Now I Find are lightweight folk rock. 

Thompson recorded several other bands including Wm Penn & The Quakers, Gerry & Leslie, Stop Sign and the Diminished Fifth with their own brand of punk rock. Some of the best tracks from their repertoire has been included here. Hush sadly closed its doors in 1968, after a series of flops.

 "The Hush Records Story" contains the best of Thompson's work. Of the 24 tracks contained on this compilation 10 have never been issued before-.-some are alternate takes while others are stereo mixes.

Artists - Tracks
1. Syndicate of Sound - Little Girl - 2:25
2. Syndicate of Sound - Get Outta My Life - 2:38
3. The Brogues - Someday - 2:12
4. The Brogues - But Now I Find - 2:13
5. William Penn and The Quakers - Believe Me - 2:23
6. William Penn and The Quakers - Hey Hey Hey Hey - 2:27
7. The Brogues - I Ain't No Miracle Worker - 2:57
8. The Brogues - Don't Shoot Me Down - 2:25
9. Syndicate of Sound - Looking for the Good Times (The Robot) - 2:23
10.Syndicate of Sound - That Kind of Man - 2:16
11.Syndicate of Sound - Rumors - 2:07
12.Syndicate of Sound - Say I Love You - 2:30
13.Gerry and Leslie - I Like That Girl - 2:14
14.William Penn and The Quakers - Ghost of the Monks - 3:07
15.William Penn and The Quakers - Care Free - 2:54
16.William Penn and The Quakers - Coming Up My Way - 3:50
17.Syndicate of Sound - Mary (Marrie) - 2:45
18.Syndicate of Sound - Games - 2:36
19.The Stop Sign - Nothing Matters Now - 3:06
20.William Penn and The Quakers - Little Girl - 2:30
21.The Diminished Fifth - Doctor Dear - 2:21
22.The Diminished Fifth - Do You Hear - 1:56
23.The Brogues - Saturday Night - 2:57
24.Syndicate of Sound - Someday (Demo) - 2:25

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