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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Mike Vernon - Moment Of Madness (1973 uk, fascinating funky groovy bluesy rock, 2018 korean remaster)

Second solo album for Mike Vernon, released for Sire records and not by his own label. "Moment Of Madness" was recorded in Oxfordshire in England during the spring in 1973, and revealed on record stores later the same year.

Slightly different from his previous release, more hard funky sounds (sometimes reminds me "Gold Plated", by Climax which came out couple years later and was also produced by Mike Vernon). There are some Bluesy tones and of course a cast of prime musicians. Alls songs were written by Mike and Vie Vernon.

1. Day In Day Out - 4:29
2. No Idea - 3:13
3. Third Hand - 2:55
4. She Put Her Shoes Outdoors - 3:29
5. That's The Best That I Can Do - 2:58
6. Don't Bullfrog Me - 3:32
7. Stoney Ground - 3:11
8. Night Owl - 2:57
9. Talking 'Bout Me - 4:00
10.No Time To Lose - 3:25
11.All You Can Do - 3:11
12.Moment Of Madness - 3:10
All song by Mike Vernon, Vie Vernon

*Mike Vernon - Harmonica, Percussion, Vocals
*Vie Vernon - Vocals
*Colin Allen - Drums
*Paul Butler - Guitar
*Howie Casey - Saxophone
*John Donnelly - Trumpet
*Laurence Garman - Harmonica
*Billy Graham - Trombone
*Derek Griffiths - Guitar
*Joe Jammer - Guitar
*Ric Lee - Drums
*Leo Lyons - Bass
*Mitch Mitchell - Drums
*Cecil Moss - Trumpet
*Bruce Rowland - Drums
*Fuzzy Samuels - Bass
*Andy Silvester - Bass
*Nick South - Bass
*Pete Wingfield - Keyboards