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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Sometimes I Just Feel Like Smilin' (1971 us, superior blues rock with jazz shades, 6th album, 2015 release)

The Butterfield Blues Band has been critically acclaimed as one the greatest electric blues bands ever! Lead by singer & harmonica player Paul Butterfield, their albums have stood the test of time as classics of the 60's and early 70's. Sometimes I Just Feel Like Smilin', was their fourth album, originally released in 1971. It features saxophonist David Sanborn. It was the last album the band recorded for Elektra Records.

Paul Butterfield does not over burden the album by constantly hammering on his harmonica. He sprinkles the right amount and lets the rhythm, the horns, the vocals round out the entire album. It strikes a very, very balanced approached in the instrumentation. I think this is one of his best, this one is a fuller rounded album.

I think Paul was a genius in not over doing it on the harp. Some harp players just blast away on an entire album. Not here. Just look at the liner notes and who is on this album. Empressive list and the talent jumps out when you listen. This is a perfect album it is a winner.
by Jimi Z

1. Play On (Butterfield, Elefante, Livgren) - 3:34
2. 1000 Ways (Hicks) - 4:48
3. Pretty Woman (Sondheim) - 3:48
4. Little Piece of Dying (Butterfield) - 3:30
5. Song for Lee (Butterfield) - 3:46
6. Trainman (Dinwiddie) - 5:47
7. Night Child (Butterfield, Dinwiddie, Harris, Hicks, Peterson) - 4:26
8. Drowned in My Own Tears (Glover) - 5:18
9. Blind Leading the Blind (Butterfield) - 4:02

*Big Black - Conga, Percussion, Vocals
*Paul Butterfield - Harmonica, Piano, Vocals
*Merry Clayton - Vocals
*George Davidson - Drums
*Brother Gene Dinwiddie - Flute, Saxophones, Tambourine, Vocals
*Oma Drake - Vocals
*Venetta Fields - Vocals,
*Bobbye Hall - Bongos, Conga, Percussion
*Ted Harris - Composer, Piano
*Rod Hicks - Bass, Vocals
*Clydie King - Vocals
*Trevor Lawrence - Saxophone
*Steve Madaio - Trumpet
*David Sanborn - Alto Saxophone
*Ralph Wash - Guitar, Vocals
*Dennis Whitted - Drums, Vocals

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