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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

A Band Called O - Oasis (1975 uk, a nifty mixture of pop rock and funky tunes, 2019 korean remaster)

Originally known as The Parlour Band, playing progressive rock, they renamed to A Band Called O for two albums on CBS/Epic and later to The O Band for further albums with UA. 

In 1975 they released their second album, "Oasis". They had one track "There Ain't Nothing I Wouldn't Do / Morrocan Roll" on a single to promote their tour with Sassafras and Randy Pie as the 'Hot on the Tracks' package.

Despite issuing five albums, on three major labels, and being championed by John Peel, for whom they recorded four Peel Sessions, they had no chart success; but were a popular live act, who toured Britain and Europe.

1. Amovin' (Craig Anders, Peter Filleul, Jonathan Pickford) - 3:42
2. Foolin' Around (Craig Anders, Jonathan Pickford) - 4:33
3. Sleeping (Jonathan Pickford) - 5:22
4. Morrocan Roll (Craig Anders, Jonathan Pickford, Derek Ballard, Peter Filleul, Mark Anders, Nicky Graham) - 2:41
5. Fine White Wine (Jonathan Pickford) - 3:49
6. Take Your Time (Craig Anders, Jonathan Pickford, Derek Ballard, Peter Filleul, Mark Anders, Nicky Graham) - 3:11
7. Bird Of Paradise (Jonathan Pickford) - 4:11
8. Ice (Craig Anders) - 2:12
9. That's Up (Craig Anders, Jonathan Pickford) - 3:12
10.Some People (Craig Anders, Jonathan Pickford) - 5:53

A Band Called O
*Jonathan "Pix" Pickford - Vocals, Guitar
*Derek Ballard - Drums
*Peter Filleul - Electric Piano, Clarinet, Vocals  
*Mark Anders - Bass Guitar 
*Craig Anders - Guitar, Slide Guitar



Anonymous said...

Thanks Marios.

Phil G said...

Thanks M!

kobilica said...

Thank you so much.Never heard this album before...

Anonymous said...

Cool Stuff
ASmile as Diamond?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, Marios

Anonymous said...

Some fine Arrangements on this Album. Thanks
Within reach 1976?