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Thursday, May 2, 2024

The Mob - The Mob (1975 us, fascinating soul funk brass rock, 2024 japan remaster and expanded)

 Chicago-based group called the MOB, a seven-piece “show band” that had been playing around the Windy City for years. Jimmy Jimmy Holvay and Gary Beisbier, go all the way back to 1964 with the Chicago chart instrumental “Beatle Time” as the Livers on Constellation. The MOB was formed in the mid-1960s and was one of the early rock bands that featured brass in the lineup. They were still charting records in the mid-1970s, and were quite influencial on the Chicago scene. For Colossus, they charted “I Dig Everything About You” [Colossus 130, #83] and “Give It to Me” [Colossus 134, #71] in early 1971, the last chart hits for Colossus. Their album charted at #204. Jimmy Holvay and Beisbier were accomplished songwriters, having penned most of the hits of fellow-Chicago band the Buckinghams. Other members of the Mob were Al Herrera (lead vocals), Tony Nedza, Bobby Ruffino, James Franz, and Michael Sistak.

1. All The Dudes Are Dancing (Jimmy Holvay, David Balteaux) - 4:35
2. Get It Up For Love (Ned Dohney) - 3:46
3. S.Y.A. (Jimmy Holvay, Gary Beisbier) - 3:55
4. Hot Music (Michael Randall, Jimmy Holvay) - 3:38
5. Rock And Roller (Chris Bond) - 3:17
6. Can't Stop This Love Song (Michael Randall) - 3:36
7. When You Get Right Down To It (Barry Mann) - 3:35
8. Magical Lady (Jimmy Holvay, Gary Beisbier) - 3:48
9. Just One Good Woman (Don Dunn, Tony McCashen) - 3:15
10.Who's Foolin' Who? (Steve Barri, Michael Omartian, Michael Price, Dan Walsh) - 4:58
11.Don't Let It Get You Down (Lee Garrett, Robert Taylor) - 3:03
12.Skysurf (Theme For The Hanggliders) (Gary Beisbier) - 3:47
13.Love Connection (James Holvay) - 3:18
14.Gemini Lady (Michael Sistak) - 4:02
Tracks 1-10 for "The Mob" 1975
Tracks 11-12 single 45' 1976
Tracks 13-14 single 45' 1977

The Mob
*Al Herrera - Lead Vocals, Tenor Saxophone
*Gary Baisbier - Alto, Baritone Saxophones
*Jimmy Holvay - Rhythm Guitar
*Mike Sistak - Rhythm Guitar, Steel Guitar, Trombone
*Tony Nedza - Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizer
*Jimmy Ford - Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Baritone Horn
*Bobby Ruffino - Percussion
*Hal Blaine - Drums, Congas
*Dennis Budimir - Electric Guitar
*Mike Melvoin - Electric Piano
*Tom Scott - Tenor Solo Saxophone