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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Seatrain - Seatrain / Marblehead Messenger (1970-71 us, splendid blend of country folk blues and classic rock, double disc set)

Seatrain is the second album by the band Seatrain, recorded in 1970 and adding Peter Rowan on guitar and lead vocals. It was the first record produced by George Martin after his work with The Beatles. The most successful song on this album is "13 Questions", which reached #49 in the Billboard charts.

More of the same, in this case, doesn't mean more hits. Marblehead Messenger, while better played and sung, didn't have the appeal that their previous effort seemed to. But it is much more of a band effort, and the tunes are well worth seeking out and enjoying. A forgotten jewel of its time. 
by James Chrispell

Disc 1 Seatrain 1970
1. I'm Willin' (Lowell George) - 3:41
2. Song Of Job (Andy Kulberg, Jim Roberts) - 6:15
3. Broken Morning (Andy Kulberg, Jim Roberts) - 3:11
4. Home To You (Peter Rowan) - 3:31
5. Out Where The Hills (Andy Kulberg, Jim Roberts) - 5:59
6. Waiting For Elijah (Peter Rowan) - 3:47
7. 13 Questions (Andy Kulberg, Jim Roberts) - 3:05
8. Oh My Love (Peter Rowan) - 2:48
9. Sally Goodin' (Richard Greene) - 2:19
10.Creepin' Midnight (Carole King, Gerry Goffin) - 5:32
11.Orange Blossom Special (Ervin T. Rouse) - 5:17

Disc 2 Marblehead Messenger 1971
1. Gramercy (Andy Kulberg, Jim Roberts) - 3:01
2. The State Of Georgia's Mind (Andy Kulberg, Jim Roberts) - 4:03
3. Protestant Preacher (Peter Rowan) - 5:25
4. Lonely's Not The Only Way To Go (Lloyd Baskin) - 2:27
5. How Sweet Thy Song (Peter Rowan) - 5:00
6. Marblehead Messenger (Andy Kulberg, Jim Roberts) - 2:40
7. London Song (Andy Kulberg, Jim Roberts) - 4:24
8. Mississippi Moon (Peter Rowan) - 3:16
9. Losing All The Years (Andy Kulberg, Jim Roberts) - 4:38
10.Despair Tire (Richard Greene, Andy Kulberg, Jim Roberts) - 5:31

The Seatrain
*Larry Atamanuik - Percussion, Drums
*Lloyd Baskin - Keyboards, Lead Vocals
*Richard Greene - Violin, Viola, Keyboards, Vocals
*Andy Kulberg - Bass, Flute, Vocals
*Peter Rowan - Guitar, Lead Vocals
*Jim Roberts - Lyricist, Vocals

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  1. Interesting fact Willin' was released here before it was released by Little Feat in 1971.

  2. Thanks for this but, I should mention that there is something very wrong with the track "Despair Tire". It's So messed up it is almost cool. But, thought you should know. Thanks again for all the cool stuff.

  3. Mny thanks for this one and the former Sea Train.

  4. There is a semi-released song Caroline, Caroline that was recorded with a lineup of the band between the first two albums that's pretty cool. It was only ever released on a promotional album:

  5. What's your password to your site, can't unzip the "Seatrain" link