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Friday, July 1, 2022

Subway - Subway (1971 uk / us, spendid acid folk psych rock, 2006 reissue)

Subway was a duo, consisting of an American and an UK- guy, who released their only album in France as 200 vinyls in 1971. There they lived and played both for some time as street musicians, who played their compositons even at Parisien subway, hence the bandname. Unfortunately the album fell through, so the unsold vinyls were melted, as usual in France at this time.The band presented a phantastic psych- folk music with prog- rock- elements. An absolutely top- album, which hopefully now will reach a bigger audience, as the original LP is very rare.

1. I Am A Child - 4:19
2. Song For Sinking Shelters - 5:15
3. Warm You Are - 5:03
4. All The Good Things - 3:57
5. Enturbulation - Free Form - 5:16
6. Arizona Sands - 3:36
7. Rosanna Of The Roses - 3:49
8. Can I Trade With You My Mind - 4:56
All compositions by Irv Mowrey except track #5, cowritten with Malcom Watson

*Malcolm Watson - Violin
*Irv Mowrey - Guitar, Vocals
*Henri Texier - Bass, Percussion
*Aldo Romano - Drums, Guitar
*Georges Locatelli - Lead Guitar, Percussions
*Michel Libretti - Violin, Guitar, Drum, Percussion
*Chris Hayward - Flute, Keyboards, Percussion

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amacoz said...

Many thanks Marios.

swappers said...

Hey Marios this is really nice! Never heard of them and what a great psych sound. Lovely stuff! I love finding folk like this and discovering they can really play. Wonder who the drummer was? He makes the track you feature . . . . . . . . .thanks anyway!

TheBigA said...

Thanks for the Subway album, Marios! As per the interview, the backing band was Total Issue,
who had a 1971 album on United Artists.

Stu said...

A lovely album Marios,many thanks for sharing....have a great weekend my friend....Love & Peace Stu

Carlos V said...


Sid Nuncius said...

Thanks, Marios!

DanP said...

Thank you so much, this is a new one for me! :D :D :D