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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Puzzle - The Second Album (1974 us, magnificent funky jazz rock, 2018 korean remaster)

Singer John LiVigni "John Valenti" formed Puzzle in Chicago, Illinois with Bobby Villalobos (guitar), Ralf Richert (guitar, trumpet), Anthony Siciliano (bass), Larry Klimas (saxophone, flute), Bob Williams (trumpet) and Joseph Spinazola (organ, piano).

Their brand of rock and jazz, reminiscent of Chicago, made them a popular live act in venues between Detroit and Chicago and let them being signed to Motown in 1972.

Originaly intended for the Rare Earth imprint, they were switched to the main Motown label for their debut album Puzzle in April 1973. A second album was released the following February, imaginatively entitled Second Album. 

A third album, "How Do We Get Out Of The Business Alive" was to have been released later in 1974 but was subsequentle cancelled. John LiVigni later changes his name to John Valenti and went solo, recording for Ariola America,

1. You Took Me Wrong - 4:15
2. Mary, Mary - 3:26
3. State Of Mind (John LiVigni, Joseph Spinazola) - 4:18
4. Everybody Wants To Be Somebody - 3:25
5. Haiku (Bob Williams) - 5:34
6. My Love (John LiVigni, Joseph Spinazola) - 3:55
7. Now That You Love Me (John LiVigni, Larry Klimas) - 4:17
8. Concept Of Her (Prelude-A Moment's Rest-Visions) (Joseph Spinazola) - 8:58
9. N.Y.C. - 3:42
All songs by John LiVigni except where noted

*John Livigni "John Valenti" - Vocals, Drums, Percussion
*Anthony Siciliano - Bass
*Bobby Villalobos - Guitar
*Ralf Richert - Guitar, Trumpet
*Joseph Spinazola - Organ, Piano
*Larry Klimas - Saxophone, Flute
*Bob Williams - Trumpet

1973  Puzzle - Puzzle (Vinyl edition)

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kobilica said...

Amazing album.Thank you"MARIOS"

Unknown said...

thanks for this great stuff! any chance for the first album????


mscmichael said...

Thanks very much...

mrRadio said...

Really pleased to see this! Thank you.
I second the vote for the first album.

Marios said...

for Puzzle's first album, see here:

Unknown said...

MARIOS - thank you very much

Yiannis/John said...

It sounds very nice!

Anonymous said...

I apologize but could someone give me a password.

Thanks in advance

Marios said...

Pass; xara

Miles said...

A now dated sound, but a good one nevertheless, and one that I like! Thanks, Marios. You manage to pull out some forgotten, but interesting recordings. said...

Arquivo foi removido, Marios poderia fazer reup ?

Marios said...

Free Text option is working said...

Thank You Marios, for Puzzle - second album ( or first Motown ), all right.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know where we can listen to the first Puzzle album?