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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Glass Harp - Glass Harp (1970 us, impressive guitar bluesy psych rock, 2014 remaster)

The debut of Glass Harp is undeniably their strongest work, with a more unified sound and a more polished feel overall than the other records. The group's strongest songs -- "Changes," "Can You See Me," "Look in the Sky" -- appear here, much of it in the vein of Cream and Jimi Hendrix. Gentle "Black Horse" is a nice touch, and the group is not pulling apart so much on the first record. Keaggy is an amazing guitarist with innovative playing techniques and an ear for texture and tone color, while Sferra stands out as the strongest writer of the group. 
by Mark Allender

1. Can You See Me (Dan Pecchio, Phil Keaggy) - 6:27
2. Children's Fantasy (Phil Keaggy) - 4:14
3. Changes (In The Heart Of My Own True Love) (John Sferra) - 5:57
4. Village Queen (Dan Pecchio) - 4:02
5. Black Horse (John Sferra) - 2:53
6. Southbound (John Sferra, Phil Keaggy) - 3:56
7. Whatever Life Demands (Dan Pecchio, Phil Keaggy) - 6:31
8. Look In The Sky (Dan Pecchio, John Sferra, Phil Keaggy) - 8:13
9. Garden (Dan Pecchio, John Sferra, Phil Keaggy) - 4:21
10.On Our Own (John Sferra, Phil Keaggy) - 2:41
11.Can You See Me (Dan Pecchio, Phil Keaggy) - 28:50

The Glass Harp
*Phil Keaggy - Guitars, Vocals
*John Sferra - Drums, Vocals, Guitars
*Daniel Pecchio - Bass, Vocals, Flute
*John Cale - Electric Viola

1971  Glass Harp - Live! At Carnegie Hall
1972  Glass Harp - It Makes Me Glad (2005 remaster)

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kobilica said...

Amazing!For good taste of music...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for post - track 11 is a bonus cut - otherwise unreleased AFAIK

Marios said...

Yes, it first appeared as a bonus track in their 2005 CD release through Music Mill Entertainment, (which also I own) but i have to admit that the sound quality of Flawed Gems edition (the complete disc) is much much better.

Anonymous said...

Hi again
I've now listened to the CD.

The bonus track on the Flawed Gems version is NOT Voice Of God Cry Out but a live version of Can You See Me (cf T01). I was suspicious of the 28:50 time but assumed you had copied the total CD time in error. In fact the time is correct for the live track. It appears to me to be the same as the last track on Live! At Carnegie Hall (1997) although I'll need to listen to both back to back to be sure. [Thanks for that earlier post too]

I agree the sound is superior. I am comparing both to a FLAC without any bonus tracks, and also to a 320mp3 (this has the 'Voice' bonus).

Consequently I'm doubly grateful.

If you have the Music Hill version, can you check if if has the same bonus track because Discogs says it is 'Voice' 4:10. If so you might post that track too.

BTW for readers considering getting this CD but are suspicious because of the religious overtones, please try it. I was in the same position years ago but gave it a try and found it to be a great guitar album.

Many thansk to the poster again

Anonymous said...


I have the United Audio Demo in FLAC if you can work out a way for me to get it to you.

1 of about 15 original acetates > ? > CD-R (trade) > EAC (WAV, confirmed losslessness) >
Audacity (removed some loud digipops at end of tracks, music unchanged) > FLAC (8)

Phil Keaggy - vocals, guitar
John Sferra - drums
Steve Markulin - bass

1. Where Did My World Come From?*
2. She Told Me*
3. High Flight
4. Save Me
5. Groovin' With Sammy
6. Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)
7. You Do Something To Me
8. I've Just Begun
9. What You're Doing (The Beatles)

Marios said...

Yes, right, my mistake as I transferred the CD didn't noticed that the title was wrong.
As for the United Audio Demo you can upload it in a hostfile and add the link here.

Anonymous said...

Demo tracks United Audio

As requested

Marios said...

Songs of United Audio Demo, are great, If only the sound quality was better.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Sound is not ideal but given the acetate source it's not unexpected.

If you have the Music Hill version, can you post the bonus track.

Many thanks