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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brimstone - Paper Winged Dreams (1973 us, spectacular progressive art rock)

Official reissue by the band themselves,  an early Seventies harmonic progressive / psych rock band from the USA, who made this excellent album. Long instrumental tracks with keyboard and guitar mixing psych with progressive styles in a fragile ethereal manner. 

Formed in Canton, Ohio by Chris Wintrip during the early 1970's. The band went through many incarnations through the years, but will probably be best remembered for their debut album in 1973 titled "Paper Winged Dreams. Features extended instrumental organ/guitar passages, or as is said elsewhere 'long instrumental tracks with keyboard and guitar mixing psych with progressive styles in a fragile ethereal manner.

“Suite In Five Movements” is a complex composition in five movements which features some nice solo vocals complimented by intermingled harmonies; lyrics dominate the music but there's some nice guitar work and counter-pointing vocals; overall well worth investigation.

Rather irresistible melodic prog-artrock LP with a light, airy feel throughout. The band belongs at the dreamy Moody Blues and Camel end of the prog spectrum, with flawless vocal harmonies, long classical-inspired keyboard excursions and plenty of superior guitar interplay.'

1. Dead Sleep At Night - 3:12
2. End Of The Road - 3:55
3. Etude - Fields Of Clay - 6:17
4. Illusion - Paper Winged Dreams - 4:51
5. Suite In Five Movements - 18:52
.a.Prelude In C Minor
.b.Song Of Fifths (Thanks To Our Friend)
.c.Interlude To You
.d.Ode To Fear And Loneliness
.e.Epilogue: Forever
6. Visions Of Autumn - 3:15
7. Song Of Love - 2:49
All compositions by Christopher Wintrip, Gregg Andrews, Bernie Nau.

*Gregg Andrews  - Vocals
*Ken Miller  - Bass, Vocals
*Bernie Nau  - Keyboard,s Vocals
*Jimmy Papatoukakis  - Drums
*Christopher Wintrip  - Lead Guitar, Vocals

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kobilica said...

Great prog.album for the last day of the year 2013.Thanks...

Paisley Panties said...

I don't leave comments much but I'm a regular here and I just wanna say thanks for all the amazing music this year. I don't know where you find this stuff, but you've got the best blog out there right now. May 2014 bring you nothing but blessings. Rock on!

Anonymous said...


Super, I've always liked these subtle fragrances! It' s super you bring this magical music to many people !
This one, I' ve buy it some years ago when he was printed in cd but if you' ve still another of this high quality, please you can also post it for me.
Thank you very much and ... Happy New Year !

Brain Police said...

A great way to start the year, thx Marios! Looking forward to another excellent year on this blog!!!

Sergey said...

thank you very much!

RalfV said...

Gracias por compartir tu Excelente música!