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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Tormentors - Hangin' Round (1967 us, groovy garage beat sunny psych, 2009 Gear Fab release)

The Tormentors were another great yet undiscovered band from the 1960's. All we know is that they were based out of the Los Angeles area and had several singles out on the Royal and Kenwood labels. Of those 45s, the track "Motate" was the only one not included on this LP.

Fantastic garage psyche and rollicking, with sweeter moments, too – getting off a number of modes this one album, which would make a lesser group sound aimless – but they manage to pull it all off! Some tunes have a raw, no frills garage sound, others have sweeter, but still kinda gritty melodic vibe with some organ in the mix, and still others steer towards moody psychedelia.

1. Didn't It Rain (Tim Daley, Dan Davis, Mark Davis, Lee Harper) - 2:30
2. Capricious Lolita (Lee Harper) - 2:39
3. Blue Blooded Lady (Lee Harper) - 2:52
4. Childhood Memories (Tome Daley, Dennis Daley) - 2:23
5 Still In Love With You Baby (Ron Elliott) - 1:50
6. What's Goin' On (Lee Harper) - 2:14
7. Black Coffee (Lee Harper) - 2:41
8. She's Gone (Lee Harper) - 2:33
9. 'Cause You Don't Love Me (Lee Harper) - 2:06
10.Hey, Hey, Little Girl (Lee Harper) - 2:36
11.It's Not Over (Lee Harper) - 2:54
12.Sounds Of Summer (Mark Davis, Dan Davis) - 2:22

The Tormentors
*Tim Daley - Drums, Lead Vocals
*Lee Harper - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
*Mark Davis - Lead Guitar
*Dan Davis - Bass, Organ

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sorogan said...

Thank You very much, Marios !! New to me !!!

lmelis said...

New to me too. Thank you!

Philipp said...

Thank you so much, Marios! You're the greatest!

adamus67 said...

The Tormentors on this LP reissue show a bit of a strange mix of local style influences that were popular around that time, from crooner-like lyrics and songs, 60s pop ballads, use of easy on the ears rhythms and music, garagey pop, early psych and British pop influences (including The Beatles) and some rock’n roll associations on two tracks, this still makes a rewarding band sound and inspirations, and this sometimes in styles which should only just hover a bit above the average. Interesting variety- some east coast folk influences where you can hear just a touch of Phil Ochs, some west coast harmonies too, and then there are complete switches to boss garage cuts that're surprisingly tuff. Nice cover of the Beau Brummels ''Still In Love With You Baby'' but the rest are originals after the only tame intro, the effect of their approach always sounds rather fine, with many small surprises, like the nice psych organ on “Capricious Lolita” one of the elements which breaks the mellowness of the song, or some strange sort of brass arrangements on the love song “It's Not Over”. “Childhood Memories” is a favorite of mine, a ballad with nice flute and nothing but simply jangling guitar. Some other favourites are “She’s Gone”, a nicely swinging American psychpop song, and the garage ballad “Cause You Don't Love Me ” coming after that.

Anonymous said...

You say "Kenwood", but my single of Didn't It Rain is on the Kerwood label.

fred d'Huve said...

" she's gone" is by far their best song ..deep in the garage Heaven !" cause you Don't love me " is actually a cover of the ODDS and ENDS ( sept 1965 ) on the SOUTH BAY label and it's hard to choose the best one ! Maybe the ODDS and ENDS were an earlier incarnation of the TORMENTORS ?