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Saturday, May 4, 2013

AUM - Resurrection (1969 us, brilliant blues based hard psych)

One of the first acts signed to Bill Graham's Fillmore label, 1969's "Resurrection" teamed the band with producer David Rubinson. As one might have guessed from the album title (let alone the back cover which showed three crosses), their sophomore effort found the band pursuing a pseudo-religious agenda. In spite of occasionally clunky lyrics and an irritating degree of echo, Ceballos-penned material such as "God Is Back In Town," the ballad "Only I Know" and " Today and Tomorrow" wasn't half bad. 

Boasting a nifty Ceballos guitar solo, the stately title track was our nomination for standout track. Elsewhere, the driving "Bye Bye Baby" and "Little Brown Hen" recalled Quicksilver Messenger Service. Commercially the set did nothing; the trio calling it quits shortly thereafter.

1. God Is Back In Town - 5:22
2. Resurrection - 5:24
3. Only I Know - 3:55
4. Bye Bye Baby - 3:42
5. Today and Tomorrow - 7:28
6. Little Brown Hen - 2:48
7. Aum - 6:01
8. Pachuko Boogie - Preserve Your Mama (A. Ammons) - 1:15
All songs written by Wayne Ceballos except where noted.

*Wayne Ceballos - Guitar, Organ, Lead Vocals, Harmonica
*Ken Newell - Bass, Vocals
*Larry Martin - Drums, Vocals

1969  AUM - Bluesvibes

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rockasteria

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mscmichael said...

Excellent album. Better than their 1st, imo. Thanks a lot...

Sergey said...

Thanks a lot!

proggy said...

Hy- Is it possible to re-up AUNT: Resurrection - ?

Marios said...

proggy, both "AUM" posts updated...

proggy said...

Thank uou very much Marios for the AUNT re-ups and all the good music you share.