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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Various Artists - Quiet Days In Clichy (1969 multinational, exiting varied styles psych blues jazz rock, 2010 remaster)

Looking back at this over forty year old film, it's an interesting relic, to be sure, and actually a very intriguing piece of art. At times, seemingly intending to offend, though in others attempting to draw us in to the characters and their escapades, 'Quiet Days in Clichy' is a fairly uneven piece of cinematic experimentation, based off the novel by Henry Miller, that will surely attract or repel its audience, and fast.

This is the story of two men in France, whose bond is seemingly formed by their shared interest in sharing the opposite sex. 'Quiet Days in Clichy' is more than just what's on the surface. The constant prolonged shots, where any action seemingly is shown for three to five times as long as it needs to take, creates a fascinating look at the characters, even if they are only as interested as their genitalia are locked and loaded. 

There are no quick flashes, or brief moments whatsoever, and that makes the film somewhat intimate, holding on like a lover right at the edge of satisfaction trying to extend that moment as long as possible. The extended silence that permeates the majority of the film is also quite refreshing, as the Country Joe McDonald soundtrack acts as a narrative, of sorts, crude as it may be. 

We don't get the characters thoughts, save for some crudely drawn random thought bubbles that pop up on screen, as McDonald tells the tale from a different angle, chauvinistic as it may be, concerning their romps, and predicaments caused by their constant skirt chasing.
by Nate Boss

Artists - Tracks
1. Country Joe McDonald - Quiet Days in Clichy I. - 1:49
2. Country Joe McDonald - Nys' Love. - 4:20
3. Country Joe McDonald - Hungry Miller & The Hungry World. - 2:26
4. Andy Sundström - Clichy. - 2:46
5. Young Flowers - Behind the Golden Sun. - 2:17
6. Papa Bue's Viking Jazzband - Luxembourg Stomp. - 4:12
7. Country Joe McDonald - Quiet Days in Clichy II. - 3:52
8. Ben Webster - Blue Miller. - 4:02
9. Andy Sundström - Champs Elysées. - 2:40
10.Young Flowers - Menilmontant. - 4:08
11.Young Flowers - Party Beat. - 4:05
12.Country Joe McDonald - Mara. - 1:53

Country Joe discography
1965-71  The First Three E.P's
1967  Electric Music For The Mind And Body
1967  I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die
1969  Live! Fillmore West
1969  Here We Are Again
1970  CJ Fish
1970  Tonight I'm Singing Just For You
1971  Hold On It's Coming
1971  War War War
1973  Paris Sessions

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Mystere2 said...

I have never seen the movie, but the soundtrack excellently captures the spirit of Henry Miller. I have spend many pleasurable hours with this playing.

Woody said...

Thank you very much for this album. All the best.

Marios said...

Jp, Country Joe McDonald's posts UpDated...