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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hudson And Ford - Worlds Collide (1975 uk, delicate glam soft rock, Vinyl edition)

“Worlds Collide” was the “difficult” third album by Hudson and Ford, more glam than their previous works, but not bad at all. Their single "When Love has Overgrown" tanked, and no other was attempted from the album. This was despite Hudson Ford's invocation in soft-rock numbers like as "As Hours Go By," a gentle piece with Latin percussion and echoing electric piano. The album develops sharper edges later, with the shrill "Jesus Said" and the satisfyingly jagged guitar in the glam rave-up of "Petro Rock." All in all an  enjoyably release.

1. Did Worlds Collide? - 5:52
2. Mechanics - 3:28
3. When Love Has Overgrown - 3:48
4. As Hours Go By - 3:01
5. Bootleg - 3:11
6. Jesus Said - 3:42
7. Day Without Love - 4:44
8. Petro Rock - 3:20
9. Mile High City - 3:37
10. Keep Me Rolling - 4:07
Words and Music by Richard Hudson, John Ford

*Richard Hudson - Vocals, Accoustic Guitar
*John Ford - Vocals, Bass
*Micky Keene - Electric Guitar
*Chris Parren - All Keyboards
*Ken Laws - Drums, Percussion
*Johnny Mealing - Bass, Strings Arrangement
*Dick Morrissey - Saxophone
*Tom Allom - Organ

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kobilica said...

Many thanks"MARIOS"...

KDNYfm said...

Thanx Marios...I quite enjoyed all 3 HF albums, but I must admit Free Spirit was the best. If my memory serves me well the title track on this one was a fave at the time of release.


Woody said...

Thank you very mcuh!!! Great blog.

Philipp said...

Super, super, super! You made me really happy with all your uploads of Hudson & Ford. Many, many thanks Marios & Lamz633!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to still download this? Appreciate your work and this blog a great deal.

Marios said...

Anonymous, Hudson And Ford - Worlds Collide Fixed..

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!