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Friday, March 8, 2013

Dick Campbell - Blue Winds Only Know (1965 us, great folk rock with smart pop feel, 2003 Rev Ola issue)

The enigmatic Dick Campbell, singer, songwriter, producer and one of the most famous humorists in the 1960's music business, it's sometimes difficult to tell whether he means something seriously or not the quality of the music remains the same as ever outstanding! In 1965, on his way from Massachusetts to join Gary Usher in California, he stopped off in Chicago to produce a band.and ended up making one of the foremost and most collectable electric-Dylan clone albums of the period....with backing from the Butterfield Blues Band and the young Peter Cetera.

Dick had never any intention of being a folk rocker, The Beach Boys and The Four Seasons being more his thing, his publisher being behind the deal, but the idea of making a record with these outstanding musicians AND getting paid was too much to turn down! only the occasional incongruous surf backing vocal and deliberately over-convoluted faux Dylan lyric gives away Dick's real personality It is possible to take it all as a straight Dylan cop ala David Blue..(with rather better melodies!)..if one does not spot Dick's enigmatic smile on the cover!.

Dick would go on to produce many classic mid-west garage bands, and write and record the amazing fairy tale album "Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt" with Gary Usher and Curt Boettcher, as well as be publishing A'n'R for Harry Nillson and Paul Williams, AND writing songs for the Cowsills to boot.but the sheer Mouse And The Traps gall of this record gives us...the essential Dick Campbell! Dick Campbell was a part of the legendary Gary Usher/Curt Boettcher circle and this release contains Backing by The Butterfield Blues Band with Mike Bloomfield, as on the classic Dylan early electric albums, Peter Cetera, later of Chicago and members of The Buckinghams.

1 Blue Winds Only Know - 2:30
2 Share With Me - 3:00
3 Don't Give Up On Me - 2:06
4 Echo - 2:00
5 If I Didn't See You - 3:47
6 I'll Be Alone - 2:20
7 Love Knows Only You - 2:07
8 Maybe - 2:43
9 Pretend It's Me - 2:17
10 Sea Gull - 2:26
11 Time To Sing For You - 2:07
12 So Long - 2:39
13 Window World (Dick Campbell, Keypashine Golesorkh) - 1:41
14 Peace On Earth (D. Campbell, K. Golesorkhi, Steve Hoffman) - 1:59
15 Sometimes (Dick Campbell) - 1:46
16 The World (Dick Campbell, Keypashine Golesorkh) - 2:31
All songs by Dick Campbell and Gary Usher unless as else stated.
Bonus tracks 13-16

*Dick Campbell - Voclas, Guitar
*Michael Bloomfield - Guitar
*Paul Butterfield - Harmonica
*Peter Cetera - Bass
*Sam Lay - Drums
*Mark Naftalin - Organ

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Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this one. For a rushed cash in job, this is an excellent album.

Hajul Ellah said...

This is very much appreciated, Lord Marios.

wcpaeb said...

Looks like a classic mid 60's folk LP and
can't go wrong with those musicians backing him.

Anonymous said...

This is excellent. Whether serious or ironic, a great find. Many thanks

Gyro1966 said...

Thanks for the 320 link. A friend recommended max for mac or xACT as a good flac splitter. I'll try that for future splitting.

jes said...

dick campbell a great musician.thanks

Anonymous said...

No money to speak of made of expected on this. It was just to get some good music out that was on tattered reels before they finished rotting away. Thanks for the good comments on my late fathers music.