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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Earth Quake ‎– Leveled (1977 us, high energy hard 'n' roll, Vinyl issue)

Earthquake's 5th effort "Leveled' is one of their best, this record features some nice originals ("Lovin' Cup" and especially, "Upstairs") and a solid version of Mann & Weil's "Kicks." 

1. Lovin' Up (K. Laguna, Earth Quake) - 2:53
2. Emma (Er. Brown, T. Wilson) - 4:10
3. Kicks (B. Mann, C. Weil) - 3:46
4. Trainride (J. Doukas, R. Dunbar, R. Bimler) - 5:58
5. Nothing Personal (J. Doukas, R. Dunbar, R. Bimler) - 3:36
6. Street Fever (G. Phillips, R. Bimler) - 4:14
7. Julie Anne (S. Miller, K. Laguna) - 2:59
8. Upstairs (J. Doukas, R. Dunbar) - 4:07

Eart Quake
*John Doukas - Lead Vocals
*Robbie Dunbar - Guitar, Vocals
*Stan Miller - Bass, Vocals
*Steve Nelson - Drums
*Gary Phillips - Guitar, Vocals

1976  Earth Quake - 8.5

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kobilica said...

Wow!Thanks again.Ilike this band...

Laurent said...

In my opinion, among their 6 albums, their best effort (far away from the others) remains the great live album "Rockin' The World"(1975), also issued in some countries under the title "Live Berkeley '75", i have both editions (by a mistake, thanks to the F.UC.K.I.N.G. record industry).
But i'm sure you've got it and it will be soon posted on Rockasteria.
Thanks Lamz633 for the sharing, no cd reissue in my knowledge.

catdeli said...

I have this one and the next "Two Years In A Padded Cell" on vinyl and "Train Ride" was always the song I'd play.

Lamz said...

I do have a CD issue of this, Beserkley/Line Germany, unfortunately I cannot upload it as I got it from a private site.

MrQwerty said...

Hi, sadly this the is the same as the links for ,8.5, 'File Does Not Exist'. Please replace both with new URLs. Many thanks.

Marios said...

this is also working now.
Thank you!

MrQwerty said...

Many thanks Marios - does this count for the 8.5 link too?

Marios said...

yes both.

MrQwerty said...

You're a real trooper Marios - thanks so much :-)