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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Various Artists - Piccadilly Sunshine Part 6 (1967-70 uk, pop psych and other flavours )

Our flight to sixth cloud from this heavenly piccadilly compilations, is getting brighter with the melt of  psych pop flavored with early progressive rock, giving a different shade to these sunny tunes.

From Still Life to Shulman brothers (pre Gentle Giant) and from Philamore Lincoln's melodic pop  to the Merseys merseybeat.

Many gems that have eluded the grasp of compilers before will grace deserved ears and should serve to establish Piccadilly Sunshine as the stalwart series in the inflated contemporary maze of re-issues.

Artists - Tracks
1. Still Life  - What Did We Miss - 3:11
2. Ross Hannaman - 1969 - 3:02
3. Disciple  - Cherie Alamayonaika - 2:36
4. Simon Dupree And The Big Sound  - Sleep - 2:36
5. Mike Sedgewick  - The Good Guys In The White Hats - 3:02
6. Happy Confusion  - Hereditary Impediment - 2:55
7. Philamore Lincoln  - Rainy Day - 2:38
8. Katch 22  - Out Of My Life - 2:24
9. The Merseys  - I Hope You're Happy - 2:23
10.The High - Beggar Man Dan - 3:10
11.The Mariane - Like A See Saw - 2:26
12.Selwyn And John - Bogey Man - 2:05
13.Little Brother Grant And Zapatta Schmidt - Let's Do It Together - 2:23
14.Chuckles - Painting The Day - 2:03
15.Zion De Gallier - Winter Will Be Cold - 2:30
16.Tate Gallery - Newspaper Man - 2:28
17.Malcolm Rabbitt - Why Won't The Sun Shine On Me - 3:13
18.Kaplan - I Like - 3:27
19.The Epics - Travelling Circus - 2:33
20.Hayden Wood - The Last One To Know - 2:32

The Piccadilly Sunshine flavours 
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1966-71  Piccadilly Sunshine Part 2
1967-70  Piccadilly Sunshine Part 3
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Kurt Penberg said...

hi part 3 link not open properly.

Marios said...

Kurt Penberg,
it works now, maybe it was something temporary.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Y I P P I E !

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