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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Morly Grey - The Only Truth (1972 us, exciting psychedelic guitar rock, sundazed bonus tracks edition)

Since its rediscovery in the early '80s, Morly  Grey's “The Only Truth” album has become known  mostly as the quintessential hard rock/psychedelic collectable, skyrocketing in value and inspiring countless bootleg versions. For brothers Mark and Tim Roller, everything had been building up to Morly Grey since the Alliance, Ohio, natives both got into rock 'n' roll as preteens in the 1950s.

First came guitar-playing, then came the Beatles for initial inspiration and then came a series of late '60s bands: the Chads, Popcorn Treaty and Rust, As the brothers' first group to play professional gigs, Rust was a turning point for the Rollers (then in high school)—gigging regionally at clubs in Cleveland, Akron, Salem and their hometown as the quintet played an assortment of Cream, Hendrix, the Doors and similar covers.

It was a start, but the Roller brothers were getting bored. "We were just doing cover music iike everybody was doing, but we wanted to do something different that we weren't copying anybody, we were doing all our own writing/' Mark recalled. Consequently, when attrition reduced Rust to a core trio of Mark, Tim and drummer Paul Cassidy in late 1969, the three knew exactly what they wanted to do: original music. Adding ex-Coming Generation guitarist Randy Byron, the band was renamed Morly Grey.

1. Peace Office (T. Roller, P. Cassicly) 5:30
2. You Came to Me (M. Roller) 4:12
3. Who Can I Say You Are (M. Roller) 3:40
4. I'm Afraid (P. Cassidy) 4:32
5. Our Time (T. Roller) 6:29
6. After Me Again (M. Roller) 3:07
7. A Feeling for You (M. Roller) 2:33
8. The Only Truth (M. Roller) 17:02
... "When Johnny Comes Marching Home (traditional, arranged by Morly Grey)
9. None Are for Me (T. Roller) 10:21
10.Come Down (P. Cassidy) 8:59
11.Love Me (T. Roller, M. Roller, P. Cassidy) 3:39
12.I'll Space You (M. Roller) 3:47
13.Be Your King (M. Roller, P. Cassidy) 2:33
Bonus Tracks previously unissued  from 9 - 13

Morley Grey 
*Tim Roller - Guitar, Vocals
*Mark Roller - Bass, Lead Vocals
*Paul Cassidy - Drums, Vocals
*Bob Lanave - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

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  1. Thanks Marios, time to get rid the mp3.

  2. Another forgotten rock piece history

  3. Thanks man need the flac,your the best.

  4. Thanks for this excellent album!!!

  5. This looks really interesting - thanks!

  6. Thanks for keeping this post available,this is a great album.I tried to discharge it through upload ,but didn't work.It did through hotfile ,though.Thanks

  7. Awesome! That descending vocal melody on "You Came To Me" is very reminiscent of something from one of the first two Alice Cooper albums (maybe "Levity Ball" from PRETTIES FOR YOU?... been a little while since I've listened to that one or EASY ACTION). Anyway, for that reason alone, I'm gonna give the album a shot. Thanks!

  8. great songs, great guitar work. A hidden gemn for me!

  9. oh Marios thanx so much fir this... it is a great one! very very much appreciated, now I love them!!!

  10. I already had them, but if you want to fix the links so everyone can see the Only Truth ;)

  11. ....knocking the only truth....

  12. Seems I'm the last to find this. It's an excellent example of the genre. Your choices in the selections you share is outstanding! Many thanks.

  13. "Morly Grey - The Only Truth" fixed...

  14. Thanks, I would never have known about this Band
    if the 'take down' request hadn't brought it to my attention
    at the top of "Recent Comments".

  15. I went and bought the Sundazed CD because of the sound and the bonus tracks after Marios posted it. The bonus tracks are awesome, some of the material is as good as the stuff on LP.