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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Organgrinders - Out Of The Egg (1968 us, bright psychedelic sunshine flower pop with experimental mood, 2008 Bull's Eye digi pack issue)

Up until this recording was completed, the Organgrinders were spending almost all the time in their hometown, Baltimore. But they came to the realization that if their message was to get to the people and that message is that there must be truth...honesty...peace -then they must meet as many people as possible.

So the Organgrinders have decided to become messengers, to travel the country in a brightly-painted 1954 Ford school bus, performing whenever and wherever possible. "We just want to offer our help the best we can in opening people's heads up to the truth.  Right now, what we know is to play music, so that's how we'll communicate - with our music”

A flower-pop quintet from Baltimore. Their to date unheralded album is a fine example of this genre. There are very few week cuts on it, but mostly bright and breezy pop with some delightful woodwind, like Shady Tree.  Most of the finer moments are the tracks: Halls Of Hours, New Day Holiday, Reach For The Sky and 8th Day In Heaven, although Smile For The Sun is also a gem.

Frank Eventoff had earlier been in The Seventh Sons. Nisan Eventoff, “With my four brothers, Richard, Franklin, Paul, and Maury, and with my parents, Joseph and Ethel Eventoff, we had a music and magic show.  We called ourselves The Seven Evens and our theme song was called The Magic Genie. We all studied at the Peabody Conservatory of Music and had scholarships". “I am the youngest, then Richard (he played stand up bass), Frank (woodwinds), Paul (drums) and Masiry (piano). Mom still plays piano at 93 years ofel. Dad played piano, violin, mandolin and danced. He passed away when I was 14”.

On The Organgrinders Nisan tells us, “Frank played woodwinds, flute, sax, and he also invented several instruments that were used. Frank and I did most of the lead vocals, however the whole band sang. Henry also sings Honey Bee on the album. After the Organ Grinders we formed a “gypsy rock” band called Romany. We sent demos out and Mercury was interested as were a few others including Decca. Maury, my oldest brother called Bob Reno who was head of A & R at Mercury and convinced him we were the next Beatles. They signed us and we ended up as opening act for many name groups. We played at colleges, clubs, arenas, Strawberry Fields Festival and did some T.V. and movie work. We stayed together for 15 years. At my moms 90th birthday, we all played together, it was great! Nowadays Nisan is a professional magician, balloon sculptor and musician.

1. Halls of Hours - 3:33
2. New Day Holiday - 3:44
3. Freedom Song - 3:02
4. Pleasant Song - 2:22
5. Reach for the Sky - 2:37
6. New Beginning - 0:43
7. 8th Day in Heaven - 2:48
8. Smile for the Sun - 3:00
9. And I Know What Love Is - 2:00
10.Shady Tree - 2:36
11.Honey Bee - 2:37
12.William - 3:40
13.Kama Kazie Woman - 2:02

The Organgrinders
*Frank Eventoff - Woodwinds, Flute, Sax, Lead Vocals
*Nisan Eventoff - Lead Vocals, Guitar
*Richard Eventoff - Bass
*Paul Eventoff - Drums
*Masiry Eventoff - Piano

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