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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sundance - Sundance (1971 us, worthy west coast rural psych, Fallout release)

This classy slice of  Northern Californian (Chico) rural psych was originally released in 1971 and makes its CD debut with this release. A winning combination of melodic pop and heavier jamming that will appeal to fans of the Grateful Dead and the Allman Bros., it features strong songs and memorable guitar interplay, but had the misfortune to appear just as its label was going under and thus undeservedly sank without trace.

1. Train Time (Reaves) - 6:25
2. Jeweled Scene Stealer (Reaves) - 4:49
3. Strange New Time (Reaves) - 3:55
4. Chico Women (Cooley) - 3:20
5. Changes (Campbell) - 1:35
6. People Changin’ (Reaves, Webb) - 5:23
7. Blue Water (Reaves, Riggs) - 3:36
8. Movie (Reaves) 0 3:10
9. Hollywood Dancers (Reaves) - 4:57

*Randy Reaves - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
*Tom Webb - Vocals
*Fred Campbell - Guitar, Acoustic, Electric, Classical Guitar, Flute
*Steve Cooley - Acoustic, Electric Guitar
*Loren Fauchier - Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Guest Musician
*Eddy Abner – Steel Guitar

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Laurent said...

this Excellent (great) album is already in my shelves, but so much good posts in your blog, Marios, i don't know which way to head.

Remy said...

Thanks Marios!
I've been really enjoying your creative title descriptions too. "worthy west coast rural psych" Both amusing AND accurate. Well done, sir!

kobilica said...

For all music lovers, who likes this kind of music.One of my favourite albums from that era...

mscmichael said...

A beloved album of mine. It sounds really great ! Thanks very much...

steve said...

Anybody know what was the original label of this LP???

Laurent said...

@steve: the original label is Kapp ref.3659
take a look here:

Marios said...

Thank you Laurent,
I asked also someone who owns the original copy, here is his answer:
"I still have the album. It was recorded at TRDM Kapp Records, a division of MCA Inc., MFR'D by Kapp Records, N.Y. 1971. They also had a studio in Universal City, California." Rick.

adamus67 said...

The sole album from this Chico, CA quintet was unfortunately released just as their label (Kapp) was dissolving (1971; the final Kapp release came out the following year, although the label had been sold to MCA back in ‘67). It’s a tight knit collection of self-penned bluesy jams, featuring the twin guitar attack of Steve Cooley and Fred Campbell with excellent harmony vocals throughout. “Jeweled Scene Stealer” has some particularly tasty guitar soloing, and Cooley’s paean to the local babes, “Chico Women” coming across as particularly funky and beer-soaked.
Bassist Randy Reaves, who wrote or co-wrote seven of the album’s nine tracks, turns in one of his best efforts on “Movie,” a hard-driving, two-step toodle-oo that predicts some of the southern fried chicken rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Marshall Tucker. If sweaty, straight ahead bluesy country rock is your cup of moonshine, come forth and drink from the fountain that is Sundance.

Anonymous said...

Some of the members of Sundance were in a much rougher, louder nasty band of misfits called Gunge.
Their sole recordings are on a release called Feel It! and are quite reminiscent of early Blue Cheer.

-Dude with the Cat

Psychfan said...

Thank you Marios!