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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rain - Live Christmas Night (1971 us, powerful classic rock with hard blues shades, Radioactive release)

Rain formed in New York City, somewhere round 1970. Guitarist Helmut Getto and singer Bard Morse where mates in a previous band called The Invisible Sideshow, together with John Castronova, and Kit Nelson who where members also for N.Y. Rochsester's band called The Quirks, between 1964 to 1967.

Rain recorded and self-released this Live album from a concert Christmas night at the Mariner Hotel. The album did well and soon after their released the single "No Money", and went on to a studio to prepare their full lenght album, but i suppose it has been forgotten and lost in some drawer. 

Their sound is classic rock mixed with smokey blues rock,  featuring  knock-out rockers like “Billy Goat” and Chuck Berry’s “Tulane.”  The band toured regionally, and opened for bigger acts at the time like Nazareth and The Amboy Dukes.

1. Tulane - 3:42
2. Billy Goat - 4:31
3. Boogie With Me Mama - 5:28
4. C. C. Rider - 8:11
5. Movin' On - 7:00
6. Tater Pie - 4:03
7. Built For Comfort - 7:22

*Brad Morse - Vocals
*Helmut Getto - Guitar
*Ted Paris - Bass
*Mich Guerin - Drums
*Gary Culotta - Piano

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kobilica said...

Never heard about this band.Great live sound and fine guitar work.Thank you"MARIOS"...

Anonymous said...

muchas gracias !!!

mscmichael said...

Never heard this album before. Thanks very much...

redunzl2001 said...

thanks much for this post. when i saw it i remembered a friend gave me a couple of rain cdrs,no info and scratchy like a vinyl rip or an acetete. anyway i dug em out and 1 of the discs has like 17 tracks and the first 7 are this cd ! the your quality is so much nicer. if you have any more rain and get get a chance to put it.....just sayin',
thanks for sharing

Hajul Ellah said...

thanks Marios. this site is definitely the new PHROCK!

echoes said...

Hi! A new positive surprise again. And I agree: more Rain would be welcome (even though just here, not outside).
Thx for this one.

josesimon said...

Many thanks Marios, great work

echoes said...

Wow, after listening to all songs I can say that this one is really great, unknown to me before. Thx again.

bob said...

Many thanks Marios, excellent hard rock and hard blues, thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marie.

Anonymous said...

Mich was in my class at Spencerport High School. I saw this band a lot over a couple years and remember them well. Still have their version of Built for Comfort popping up in my head from time to tiem

Alan DeVincentis said...

Grew up with these guys. Played with John in the recent past. Easily one of the best bands around, and should be in the hall of fame. Listen to tulane, or built for comfort.

Marios said...'s Raining....

Unknown said...

My old friends (now referred to as "crew") and I LOVED this band! I used to ask Rochesterians , from time, do you remember a band called Rain? ...Usually to no avail. For quite a while I couldn't remember the name of the band, but I always remembered Helmut Getto 'cause he tore me up! ...and his name was unusual and easier to remember.
Tom Marr

Unknown said...

Just came across this page as I was youtubing up some of Donny Potters songs...

I was born and raised outside of Rochester and heard Rain play at the local Grange in Greece, NY when in HS.
Loved them... they were the quintessential underground rock band in that area. They blew every other local band out of town with their sound. Helmut Getto was an amazing guitarist... his name stuck with me all these years. The only thing I don't miss from that era is those damn strobe lights... made me queasy. ;)

Thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Bought the album............we followed Rain everywhere they played. Regulars at the Alley on Ridge Road West that was a coffee house in those days. Also, U of R Palestra and Men's Dining Hall. Big fan of the Amboy Dukes but this band was better. A lot.

Anonymous said...

Met Helmut Getto and his wife Mary two years ago when we visited and then joined Grace Baptist Church in Woodstock, Va.. Helmut was Assistant Pastor at the time and he has since moved to Ga..
Helmut could play just about any instrument you put before him and now he plays them for the Lord. Helmut is humble, kind, super intelligent, and super talented. My wife and I count it a true blessing to be able to call Helmut and Mary friends and bro. and sister in Christ