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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Challenger's - The Challenger's (1969 puerto rico, splendid psychedelic rock, Gear Fab release)

Puerto Rico in 1969 was a lot like the rest of the continental United States in the 60's: young people were feverishly playing the songs of the day and, occasionally, some of them even wrote their own music. Some even had the good fortune to get access to a studio where they actually made a record. The Challengers were one of these bands.

Their music was fresh, hard, and distinctively influenced by the Vanilla Fudge, The Young Rascals, and Santana. We only wish we knew more about this mystery band. While we were unable to locate any of the members, the original gate fold LP comes with some information on this band.

Recorded in Puerto Rico in 1969, this band had six members: Rafael Marquez "Rafi" on Lead guitar and Melodica, Luis Velez "Wiso" on vocals and bass, Alex Rodriguez on vocals, second lead, Rhythm guitar, and conga, Reno Habiff Moreno on vocals and percussion, Jose Guzman "Tato" on organ and piano, and Jose Luis Kerkado on drums.
by Roger Maglio

1. Emily (Reno Habiff) - 2:54
2. Martha Does (Alex Rodriguez) - 3:31
3. You Can't Mess With Joe (Reno Habiff, Luis Velez) - 2:29
4. Blowin' In The Wind (Bob Dylan) - 5:25
5. Letting You Know (Alex Rodriguez, Reno Habiff) - 3:50
6. It's For You (Lennon, McCartney) - 3:50
7. GotToTellYou (Reno Habiff, Alex Rodriquez) - 3:10
8. Needles And Pins (Nitzsche, Bond). 3:03
9. Little Big Man (Alex Rodriquez) - 7:31

The Challenger's
*Rafael Marquez "Rafi" - Lead Guitar, Melodica
*Luis Velez "Wiso" -  Vocals, Bass
*Alex Rodriguez - Vocals, Second Lead, Rhythm Guitar, Conga
*Reno Habiff Moreno - Vocals, Percussion
*Jose Guzman "Tato" - Organ, Piano
*Jose Luis Kerkado - Drums

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kobilica said...

Many thanks"MARIOS".Almoust everything released on Gear Fab label is worth to have...Cheers!!!

Philipp said...

Hi Marios, just wonderful. I love the Gear Fab issues!

Laurent said...

This rare album was recently reissued on vinyl in South Korea by the label "fabBeat" (under license from Gear Fab) in a beautiful gatefold hard sleeve with obi, include also a poster (50x70 cm).

Bob Presto said...

Thanks! This file is good !

guenter.kolar said...

nice album thanks marios

Anonymous said...

muchas gracias

Nazareth said...

Many thanks, Marios!

lmelis said...

Loved it. Thanks Marios for sharing it.

mukahnlor said...

Thanks Marios there is so much superb music here, Im so happy and gratefull with you.

adamus67 said...

The Challenger's came from Puerto Rico.Their album is an interesting mix of psychedelic and latin rock influences original tracks, all sung in English, these psychedelic-out Vanilla Fudge/Santana-styled songs are full of fuzz guitar and screaming farfisa organ...Woow
Thanks a lot Marios

Musicmasterfuzz said...

Great album, thanks !

cimarron said...

Quien puede olvidar los T&Dance los domingos en La Casa España. Con Los CHALLENGER'S Ó Condado Beach Hotel, Prom Knight. Que tiempos aqellos yo pensaba q durarian para siempre. FR. AST 1973

Unknown said...

Me alegro mucho de que aun recuerden esta epoca en la musica rock.
recuerdo que para esa epoca, yo frequentaba la urb. Apolo... y de alguna forma conoci a los hermanos Cestero ( Papote y Puruco ), tambien a Jaime Paganacci, a quienes nos unimos Luis Velez Y yo ( Jose TATO Guzman.
Esa banda se llamo THE SAMES, muy buena, buenisima. al cabo del tiempo y ya habiendo tocado en muchos luagres, una tarde, creo que cerca de abril o mayo. Luis Velez, llega a mi casa en College Park y me pide que me una a el, Rafi Marquez, Alex Rodriguez, y Jose Luis Kerkado a formar parte de LOS CHALLENGERS. Durante los siguientes dos anos, recibimos el carino y la aceptacion de la juventud de esa epoca. Al tiempo se unio al grupo Moreno Habiff ( Rino), anadiendo su talento a nuestra musica. Recuerdo que nos acompanaban a menudo, Hernan Cortes con sus congas, Luisito Cristal, Austin, y ... no recuerdo el nombre, pero era de origen italiano, estos ultimos con las luces. Si alguien desea aclarar o prguntar algo mas se pueden comunicar conmigo Jose Guzman


Unknown said...

El italiano que no recorde se llama GINO NEGRETTI.

Marios said...

Jose Guzman,
THANK YOU very much for the informations bust most of all for your music.
Best Wishes.

Anonymous said...

Marios the link seems dead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marios

Unknown said...

Lindo recuerdos de Los Challengers, siempre los oía practicando en Summit Hills!! Mis dos canciones favoritas eran Emily and It's for you!! ❤❤

Marios said...

Steve, ""The Challenger's 1969" GF release, renew..