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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thirsty Moon - You'll Never Come Back (1973 germany, spectacular prog jazz krautrock, 2006 bonus track remaster)

Thirsty Moon uses the elements of jazz as a means of spontaneous expression and melts them together with the aggressiveness and rhythm of rock. They play only their own compositions, connecting voices with instrumental parts and utilizing all electronic possibilities. In spite of all their variety Thirsty Moon has a remarkable sound. Every member of the group knows his instrument perfectly. Everyone is a individualist who adds characteristic features to the group. The basis of the music is the precise playing together of the bass and drums and the Afro sounds of the four congas which connects the hard beat with the Latin American rhythms. The electric piano and the guitar combine to form another important element to the sound.

The saxophonist is an experienced jazz musician who gives the group the exquisite spontaneity of jazz. Unlike many German groups, Thirsty Moon’s lyrics are an essential part of their sound. They reflect the impulses of their surroundings. Thirsty Moon is not a typical German group and they do not want to be one. The texts are English. The musical influences are from various cultures in the music world.

Thirsty Moon do not follow any particular trend and they do not wish to be commercial. Thirsty Moon has a sort of ultimate versatility which does not rely on overused, accepted riffs and styles. Their versatility, on the contrary, comes from a whole array of lines which have not even been used yet! “Yellow Sunshine” has pieces that are so completely phased that the listener cannot tell what instruments are playing the phased lines. “Trash Man” has horn parts resembling The Grand Wazoo in perfection and complexity, but the horns overlay Santana-like rhythms instead of the “old-timey” jazz tones of Zappa’s recording.

This is not to say that Thirsty Moon has the traditional copied sounds of the successful groups. Nobody sounds like Thirsty Moon. No other band has so completely captured the elusive phenomena inherent in acid rock and placed it so effectively in a jazz-rock format. Thirsty Moon’s sound is a mirror ball of images surrounding the listener.
Translation: Dr. Martina Häusler (originally taken from Skylab review)

1. I See You - 7:18
2. Trash Man - 14:27
3. Tune In - 5:00
4. You'll Never Come Back - 12:34
5. Das Fest Der Volker - 5:05
6. Music (Bonus Track) - 12:00
Words and Music by Thirsty Moon

Thirsty Moon
*Jurgen Drogies - Guitar, Percussion
*Norbert Drogies- Drums
*Michael Kobs - Keyboards
*Harald Konietzko - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
*Erwin Noack - Percussion
*Willi Pape - Woodwinds

1972  Thirsty Moon - Thirsty Moon

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Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Thanks for this exp'd version Marios!

adamus67 said...

Hi Marios,
This is Thirsty Moon's second album Digitally remastered from master tapes'Recorded and mixed at Studio Maschen July 1973.Originally released on Brain/Metronome, 1973.
I've listen this many times in @256,I was looking for this CD in lossless format for some time
finally found it!
Today is a little warmer Bydgoszcz -17 º C .....hehehehe
Marios.... Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marios!

Franco1914 said...

Obrigado, Mario. Bom disco!

Brain Police said...

This is really great stuff, Marios, thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Please post on another server !!!! Deposit Files is dead !!!!
thanks in advance !!!!
Mike the Cat

Marios said...

Hi Mike The Cat,
I've just checked the links at they're working, maybe it was something temporary.
Thank you.

Remy said...

Great album, thank-you Marios!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this brillisnt jazzrock item.

Tumleh67 said...

Hi Marios
I hope this Krautrock Band come back.

Marios said...

.....Thirsty Moon...Is Back......

bk said...

very excellent