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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Aunt Mary - Aunt Mary (1970 norway, fantastic hard groovy psych prog rock, 2020 japan remater)

One of the early nad many considered to be one of Norways definitely best prog bands.

Their music is a mix of heavy hard rocking tunes, combined with clear influence from the symphonic genre.

Aunt Mary came from the small town of Fredrikstad in Ostfold. Their first album was recorded and released in Denmark, as they lived there at the time.

Having spent a month in the band’s home town Fredrikstad, Norway, they returned to Vigerslev, Denmark to continue writing. It turned out the songs they wrote were more pop than blues. Nevertheless, they started recording the eponymous album "Aunt Mary".

Polydor liked the album so much that they decided to release it in 17 countries.

The album release was followed by gigs in Denmark, and in April they went back to the Top Ten in Hamburg for two weeks.

By now they had developed a more heavy approach to their music. Per Ivar Fure felt he no longer had anything to bring in to the band. And that summer he announced his resignation.

The band launched their first Norwegian tour, starting in september, touring the entire country. It turned out to be a tremendous success. Everywhere they went, Aunt Mary sold out the venues. The critics were unanimously euphoric, and the band was declared the best Norwegian rock band ever.

1. Whispering Farewell - 4:00
2. Did You Notice - 3:18
3. Theres A Lot Of Fish In The Sea - 3:51
4. I Do And I Did - 4:52
5. 47 Steps - 4:39
6. Rome Wasn't Built In One Day - 2:59
7. Come In - 3:29
8. Why Don't You Try Yourself - 2:28
9. The Ball - 3:33
10. All My Sympathy For Lily - 3:21
11. Yes, By Now I've Reached The End - 2:51
All songs by Bjoern Christiansen, Per Ivar Fure, Jan Leonard Groth, Svein Gundersen, Kjetil Stensvik

 Aunt Mary
*Bjoern Christiansen - Guitar, Vocal
*Per Ivar Fure - Flute, Harmonica, Saxophone, Mouth Organ,  
*Jan Leonard Groth - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
*Svein Gundersen - Bass, Piano, Vocal
*Kjetil Stensvik - Drums, Vocal


adamus67 said...

One of my favorite albums!
Possibly the greatest album in the entire scandinavian scene,and one of the greatest in the history of all Prog ROCK
This is a true masterpiece from beginning to end!(for me)
Highly recommended album &
Loaded 1972'
Janus 1973'
Marios thanks for masterpiece,more something like this!(remember Jawbone?!)

Marios said...

Hi my friend Adamus67,
I'll do the Jawbone post during the week,
I hope you understand.

Jim_Spyropoulos said...

Great band thanks Marios

hanalex said...

Beautiful album, thanks...

adamus67 said...

Hello my Friend Thanks info Jawbone
Good to be patient!
I feel so lucky!
Marios..Cheers from my friend mdhjhw

adamus67 said...

Marios:Highly recommended a must have for every fans HAMMOND B3 organ!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!!!!!!
Man Made - Man Made 1971
Canada Psychedelic Hard Rock
Sincere Cheers!!!

Roy said...

The link works but it takes you nowhere.
Can't download it. Please fix it.
Love your page, bro.

DanP said...

Ah great, thanks! I was hoping for a chance to hear this new 2020 remaster. My friend, is there any possibility of an upload of Aunt Mary - Janus (1973) ??